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Anna Irving
Appearance Tales of Symphonia
Hometown Luin
Age Deceased
Race Human
Japanese Voice Actor Akemi Satō (Drama CD & OVA)

Anna Irving (アンナ・アーヴィング Anna Aavingu?) is Lloyd Irving's deceased mother. She was a part of the Angelus Project led by Kvar. In the Drama CD Tales of Symphonia: A Long Time Ago, Kratos Aurion states that Anna was the only woman he ever loved.


Little is known about Anna's early life except that she was born in Luin. At some point, she was taken to the Asgard Human Ranch, where she became the subject of Kvar's Angelus Project, an attempt to cultivate a Cruxis Crystal in a human body. During the time she was held at the ranch, Kratos came to Sylvarant prior to rejecting Mithos Yggdrasill's intentions for the "Age of Lifeless Beings". They met in the ranch, and some point after that, she managed to escape, and the two eventually fell in love. However, Mithos was not willing to let Kratos desert him, and Anna was crucial to the Angelus Project, so the couple was forced to flee, constantly pursued by Cruxis.

At some point during the flight, she gave birth to Lloyd. Still being pursued, the three continued to run for a few years until Kvar and his troops caught them at the Iselia Human Ranch. At the top of the steep cliff beside the ranch, Kvar removed Anna's Exsphere. As she did not have a Key Crest to protect her, the mana in her body went out of control, and she turned into a monster. Confused and enraged, she attacked the infant Lloyd. She would have killed him had the family pet, Noishe, not leapt in the way, injuring and stunning the monstrous Anna. Anna regained control of herself for a short period of time, during which she begged Kratos to kill her, terrified that she might harm him or Lloyd.

Unable to bring himself to do so, Kratos was forced to watch until Anna lost control and tried once more to kill Lloyd. As stated in the Drama CD, she was holding Lloyd and prepared to throw him off the cliff. Desperate to save his son's life, Kratos fatally injured her. Kvar took this opportunity to attack him. During their fight, Noishe, Lloyd, and the mortally wounded Anna fell down the nearby cliff. Dirk, a dwarf who happened to be close to the cliff at the time, found them. Anna, who had regained her original human form, begged the dwarf to look after her son, Lloyd, and Dirk agreed. He then took them to his home and buried Anna's body beside his house.

Later, the distraught Kratos searched the bottom of the cliff for Anna and his son, but in vain. Believing they were dead, he gave up on life, losing his will to fight back. Soon after, he returned to Cruxis. Lloyd often visits Anna's grave to confide his feelings, and whenever Kratos visits the house, he stands before it. At the end of the story, Lloyd shortly speaks to Anna's grave, and places Kratos's best sword, Flamberge, on the stone before departing on his journey to collect Exspheres in order to put an end to victims like his mother.

Appearance and Personality[]

Although her appearances vary in the media, the manga adaptation of Tales of Symphonia depicts her with short hair, a long-sleeved dress that is reminiscent of Kratos's clothing tied with a long ribbon tied in her waist, a pair of black leggings and white boots.

Kratos states that Anna believed in a fair world, where everyone is treated the same. Considering she knew of Kratos's past, she was very forgiving. As revealed in the Drama CD, despite going through a lot during her stay in the Human Ranch, Anna believes the world is beautiful, which eventually influences Kratos, saying the world is colorful as long she and Lloyd are with him.

Other Appearances[]

Tales of Symphonia: The Animation[]

Though an unseen character in the game, Anna makes small, cryptic appearances in Tales of Symphonia: The Animation, speaking to Lloyd from within the Exsphere. There are also times when his Exsphere reacts in crisis situations, such as when Colette Brunel sneaks away to the Tower of Salvation in the fourth episode, making him aware of the situation. In the "United World" arc, she appears in the opening, along with Kratos, holding and playing with Lloyd.

Tales of Symphonia Manga[]

Similar in the animation, Anna makes a few appearances in the manga, as she is shown in several flashbacks and Kratos's locket in the last tome.


  • Anna is indirectly mentioned by Lloyd in the Namco Bandai game Soulcalibur Legends. While traveling with Ivy, Lloyd tells her what Expheres are and that his mother lost her life to them.