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The Ant Lion Man (ありじごくにん Arijigokunin?), also known as the antlionz, is a character and race in Tales of the Abyss and Tales of Vesperia. They are part of sidequests involving giving them items in return for rare or unique ones.


Tales of the Abyss[]

In Tales of the Abyss, the Ant Lion Man is in an alleyway near southern Chesedonia's armor shop. By giving him requested items, one can receive certain items back, as well as the Gratin recipe. Later, when visiting Nam Cobanda Isle, one may also pay him 150,000 Gald to get back the items given, as well as Anise Tatlin the Ant Lion Man doll accessory.

Tales of Vesperia[]

In Tales of Vesperia, the Ant Lion Man is in a whirlpool in Mantaic. A Kowz is next to him and supports him. By giving him certain items, he returns rarer ones in response. There is only a limited window to fulfill his requests, and missing one trade locks out subsequent trades.