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Apocalyptic Sforzando (ティーロ・スフォルツァンド Tirosuforutsando?, "Tiro Sforzando") is a linked mystic arte used by Ludger Will Kresnik and Rowen J. Ilbert in Tales of Xillia 2.

Arte Description and History[]

Rowen takes out four knives and creates four magic, elemental circles around him with them. Reminiscent of a revolver's chambers, each magic circle shoots an elementally-charged orb at the target while switching to the next circle in a clockwise direction, Ludger using his guns as a trigger. The first orb explodes into a plume of water, the second orb freezes the plume, the third orb shatters the ice with electricity, and the fourth orb explodes with earthly power. Finally, Rowen shoots a large continuous beam at the target.

The mystic arte's Japanese name, Tiro Sforzando, translates to "shooting sforzando" in Italian. A sforzando is a musical notation where the note(s) are played in a dramatic tune, adhering to Rowen's musical theme.


Original Titles

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes[]

Tales of Xillia 2[]

Japanese Quote:

Rowen: お立会い!一曲参りましょうか!
Ludger: ああ!
Rowen: 四象移ろいて始光を生ず!歌劇!
Both: ティーロ・スフォルツァンド!!

Romanized Quote:

Rowen: Otachiai! Ikyoku mairimashou ka!
Ludger: Aa!
Rowen: Shizou utsuroi te shikou wo shouzu! Kageki!
Both: Tirosuforutsando!!

Translated Quote:

Rowen: "Together now! Let's give this tune a go!"
Ludger: "Okay!"
Rowen: "Light comes forth when the four elements fade! Quite the opera!"
Both: "Tiro Sforzando!!"

Localized Quote:

Rowen: "The finale! Shall we play a tune?"
Ludger: "Kay!"
Rowen: "Drama born from light as the four elements... Converge!"
Both: "Apocalyptic Sforzando!!"