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Aqua Serpent (ToCrestoria)

Aqua Serpent as it appears in Tales of Crestoria.

Aqua Serpent (アクアサーペント Akuasaapento?) is a Water-elemental seraphic arte associated with Mikleo from Tales of Zestiria.

Arte Description and History[]

The user conjures a blue emblem in front of themself, a water bubble in its center. They then fire forward two spiraling water snake heads, similarly to Twin Flow. In Tales of Zestiria, this arte has a 7% chance of inflicting the "Poison" status ailment.


Original Titles

Crossover Titles

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes[]

Tales of Zestiria[]

User: Mikleo
Japanese Quote: 出でよ、絡み舞う荘厳なる水蛇!アクアサーペント!
Localized Quote: "Come forth, beast of water! Aqua Serpent!"

Alternate Japanese Quote: 水蛇の化身よ!我が道を作れ!
Alternate Localized Quote: "Serpent of water! Open the way!"

Tales of the Rays[]

Japanese Description: 二頭の水蛇を敵に向けて発射する術
Localized Description: "An arte that blasts foes with a pair of water serpents."

Japanese Quote: 穿て濁流!アクアサーペント!

Tales of Arise[]

Japanese Description: ふたつの水塊が回転しながら直進する水属性の中級術
Localized Description: "An intermediate water that hurls two water masses forward and spins them around."

Japanese Quote: 水蛇の化身よ!我が道を作れ!アクアサーペント!
Localized Quote: "Snake of the abyssal deep, clear for us a path. Aqua Serpent!"