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The Principality of Aquaveil (アクアヴェイル公国 Akuavueiru Koukoku?) is the name of the large group of islands located in the northeastern hemisphere of the Er'ther Lands in Tales of Destiny and Tales of Destiny 2.


Aquaveil is a broken continent comprised of three kingdoms: Sheeden, Moreau, and Terazzi. Each kingdom occupies a different island: the northeastern island being Sheeden, with its capital resting at the northern tip; the northwestern island being Moreau, with its capital resting at the southern tip; and the elongated central-southern island being Terazzi, with its capital resting near its southern tip. In addition, a small island that is home to the Food Sack (フードサック Fuudosakku?) master sits in Terazzi's bay.

The landscape of the three kingdoms is mostly similar, comprised of greenland, forested areas, and large seaside coasts. Mountains are also scattered across the kingdoms, with Sheeden possessing the highest peak. The region is particularly cold, and due to the abundance of water that carves through the continent, ship travel is a necessity, with each capital city yielding a port. In addition, Tidal Cave, an undersea passage, connects the islands of Sheeden and Moreau.


  • Terazzi - The capital of the kingdom that shares its name. During Tales of Destiny, it serves as the de facto spearhead of the region's three kingdoms and is the largest of the three capital cities.
  • Sheeden - The capital of the kingdom that shares its name. It is the smallest capital city but becomes the central capital of the region in Tales of Destiny 2, having undergone a successful unification.
  • Moreau - The capital of the kingdom that shares its name. It is a medium-sized capital city that later unifies with Sheeden.


Aquaveil is an oriental-themed trio of kingdoms, with each of its capital cities taking Japanese motifs. The nation is a seclusion state, and exchanges with other countries have been severely restricted. In particular, Aquaveil has a poor relationship with Seinegald and feels that its monarchy has attempted to colonize regions where it has no jurisdiction, forcing its ideology upon other regions. As a result of the nations' dispute, Aquaveil has no Oberon Corporation branch or Straylize Temples. Aquaveil maintains its culture through its seclusion, though it has experienced internal strife among its kingdoms.

Terazzi serves as the forced capital of the region, with Tiberius Terazzi being called the King of Aquaveil, having stolen power from Sheeden's unnamed king, Karyl Sheeden's father. Tiberius's tyrannical reign instills fear in his people, particularly when he is influenced by Lydon Bernhardt. After Tiberius's death, the kingdom experiences a restored peace, and Fayte Moreau of the Moreau kingdom thereafter assumes diplomatic power. Prior to Tiberius's death, he had an accumulating influence in the kingdoms of Sheeden and Moreau, the latter of which having been shaken by Batista Diego capturing Fayte and his wife, Leianna.


  • The royal families of each kingdom all share the surname of their kingdom: Karyl' surname is Sheeden, Fayte's surname is Moreau, and Tiberius's surname is Terazzi.
  • In Tales of Destiny 2, which takes place 18 years after the events of Tales of Destiny, Aquaveil is represented with only one city, Sheeden, which leads to the game's EX Dungeon, as the three kingdoms have undergone a successful unification.