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Tower of Dawn (ToI).png
Game Tales of Innocence
Leader Mathias
Notable Members Thitose Cxarma
Sian Tenebro
Headquarters Tower of Dawn

Arca (アルカ Aruka?) is a religious organization led by Mathias in Tales of Innocence.


Arca is a ubiquitous organization associated with the game's church system, which is heavily structured upon the notion of repentance, particularly the belief that Narakians should beg for forgiveness from Devalokians in order to return home. Early in the story, Arca captures and detains the Reborn under the guise that they are a threat to society. However, it is later revealed that Arca uses the Reborn for experimentation or weapons of war, be it through combat or powering combat machines.

Mathias herself seeks information regarding the location of the Manifest, while two of her subordinates, Thitose Cxarma and Sian Tenebro, operate somewhat differently. Thitose focuses on recruiting Ruca Milda to the organization because of the love she has for him, which carried over from her past life as Sakuya. Sian, on the other hand, works in tandem with Mathias in locating the Manifest, believing that Mathias will create an ideal world with its power.


  • Mathias (マティウス Matiusu?) - The mysterious woman who serves as leader of the cult organization.
  • Thitose Cxarma (チトセ・チャルマ Chitose Charuma?, "Chitose Cxarma") - A young woman who feels that Arca is one of the only safe places for the Reborn.
  • Sian Tenebro (シアン・テネブロ Shian Teneburo?, "Chien Tenebro") - A naive young boy manipulated by Mathias into doing her bidding.


  • Arca derives from the word Arcadia, which is used when referring to a real or imaginary place offering peace and simplicity, a comparison solidified through Arca's similar appeal in the story.