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The Arcana Ruins are the EX Dungeon of the PlayStation 2 remake of Tales of Destiny. Located in the Aethersphere, the dungeon is comprised of ten levels, puzzle-ridden floors, with one extra level. After completing the game at least once, the clown Cyglorg will appear next to the door leading to the final boss room. Speaking to him will take the player to the dungeon.


The dungeon limits the player in regard to which party members are able to be taken on each floor. Within treasure chests on each floor is a special sphere item used in rerising the most powerful equipment in the game, though their placement is randomized. These chests, varying in color, cast different effects on the party when opened, from buffs to ailments.

Paying close attention to enemy weakness on each floor by utilizing certain characters will enable the player to have the best luck in completing the dungeon. One of the main objects of the dungeon is the acquisition of "EX Points", which are earned from battles and treasure chests and can be traded to Cyglorg for unique items. Dying in the dungeon forfeits all points earned. Barbatos Goetia serves as the final boss of the dungeon, located and fought on the tenth floor.

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