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Arende Sprite (ToE).png
Appearance Tales of Eternia
Hometown Inferia City
Age 16
Height 160 cm
Weight 44 kg
Race Inferian
Occupation Princess of Inferia
Japanese Voice Actor Kakinuma Shino
(Drama CD)

Arende (アレンデ?) is a supporting character in Tales of Eternia.



Arende was formerly friends with Roen Lamoa and Rassius Luine, a relationship that has lasted until adulthood, though her mother, the Queen, was rumored to have been guilty of Ras's mother's suicide. While Arende grew up as a princess, Roen and Ras were recruits in the Royal Army and soon rose to higher ranks. Over time, Arende developed romantic feelings for Ras, which he did not reciprocate, but he did appreciate her company as a friend. In letters, he talked with her about his problems, worries, and plans. Roen, on the other hand, developed romantic feelings for Arende, though he does not realize she is aware of the infatuation. However, like with Ras, Arende appreciates Roen's presence and above all his caring nature when it comes to her safety, even if he is overzealous at times.

Role in the Plot

Of the royal family, Arende is the only one who first shows interest in the history of the heroes and does not accuse them of blasphemy. Despite her objection to their execution, it is Claudio Zosimos who manages to save them, having read Keele Zeibel's report and then measured the distance between the worlds of Inferia and Celestia. Realizing the distance having been confirmed to have diminished, Zosimos believes Keele's theory of the Grand Fall. While visiting with the heroes in the castle, Arende shows concern for their well-being and is constantly accompanied by Roen.

Later in the story, after Seyfert's second test, the heroes are surrounded by Inferian ships and captured. Arende learns of Ras's death here. While the heroes wait in prison for their punishment, Arende has them freed, wanting to hear about Ras's last moments. She tells the heroes about the letters he always sent her, describing things she did not understand. They confirm to Arende a final letter from Ras is truly from him because he trusted her and needed someone to act in the event of his death. Arende then allows their escape, returning their equipment so they can flee the prison and Inferia City.