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Areulla (TotT)

The continent of Areulla in Tales of the Tempest.

Areulla (アレウーラ Areuura?) is the name of the continent in which the story of Tales of the Tempest takes place. The kingdom that governs the landmass is also referred to by this name, though some territories fall outside of its control.


Southern Plains[]

Southern Plains (TotT) 1

The upper section of the southern plains, leading to the capital.

The southern plains of the continent are characterized by grass and woodland, with simple dirt roads winding through the forest-encompassed valleys, ultimately to the capital of the kingdom, Janna (ジャンナ Jan'na?), which rests on a large lake in the center of the continent. The lake splits into three rivers at its west and one at its east, all inevitably spilling into the sea. Situated on a cliff, the city is accessible via a large bridge, which looms over a majestic waterfall. Janna is home to the Church's main cathedral, as well as a large castle that was abandoned following Areulla VIII's departure to a large mountain in the north.

Southern Plains (TotT) 2

The lower section of the southern plains, leading to the coast.

Beneath the city lies a series of sewage tunnels that lead to a chamber beneath the Church's cathedral, where Leymon "heretics" are imprisoned. The Pope, Vincent Bridges, resides in the city and oversees things while the king is away. Likewise, Albert Mueller, Captain of the Black Knights, operates the imperial guard's headquarters in the city. Directly to the south of Janna rests Leda (レダ Reda?), a beautiful town situated on the edge of a cliff with a viewing platform from which people may look over the countryside. The protagonists stop here on their way to Janna, having recently traversed the nearby haunted Black Forest, a dreadful wooded area that is particularly dangerous at night. In spite of this fact, the Black Nights regularly patrol the area.

Far to the south of the Black Forest lies Feln (フェルン Ferun?), a small village situated on the edge of a great forest that bears no ports for easy access. It is the hometown of the protagonists Caius Qualls and Rubia Natwick. While Rubia lives here with her parents, her father being the head priest of the town's local church, Caius lives with his foster father, Ramrus Qualls. After a dying, unnamed knight gives Caius a mysterious item, Spots soon attack the village, and Lukius Bridges and Rommy, two "heretic hunters", kill Rubia's parents and arrest Ramrus for being a Leymon, spurring Caius and Rubia's journey together. A small Abandoned Hut sits to the east of Feln, while farther south lies the port of Naliss (ナルス Narusu?), a small fishing town that sits on the coast. Rubia flees here intending to board a ship before being denied due to her age, and Caius catches up with her soon afterward.

Janna Artwork (TotT) Janna Cathedral Artwork (TotT) Black Forest Artwork (TotT) Feln Artwork (TotT) Naliss Artwork (TotT)
Janna Cathedral Black Forest Feln Naliss
Janna (TotT) Leda (TotT) Feln (TotT) Abandoned Hut (TotT) Naliss (TotT)
Janna Leda Feln Abandoned Hut Naliss

Western Plains[]

Western Plains (TotT)

The three rivers and valley landscape of the western plains.

The western plains of the continent are characterized by the three rivers pouring from the continent's central lake, where the capital sits. Three bridges make the rivers traversible in the otherwise flat landscape. In the southern section of the plains lies Yaska, a small seaside village similar in size and architecture to Naliss. The protagonists regroup here after fleeing from the Black Knights in Janna. The large norther portion of the plains, which extends into the central portion of the continent, yields two gated walls that signal the end of the kingdom's influence and serve as refuge areas for weary travelers.

The North Gate, which separates the western plains from the icy northern plains and the fierce ogres that live there, and the East Gate, which separates the western plains from the continent's desert region, where the Leymon are said to have once lived in a large city with a flourishing civilization. Between these two gates rests the foot of Mount Ayre (アール山 Aaru yama?), a monstrous mountain that peaks in the northern plains. The king's castle sits at its summit and is where the protagonists venture at the end of their journey to put an end to Areulla VIII's terror and discover the truth behind his actions.

Yaska (TotT) The Gates (TotT)
Yaska The Gates

The Desert[]

The Desert (TotT)

The vast desert region of the continent, a remnant of the former Leymon civilization.

The continent's desert region is a large, desolate area with little civilization. Geographically, it is positioned in the eastern portion of the continent. South of the East Gate lies the port of Laurus, a small desert town whose residents have become the target of a mysterious disease. East of Laurus, in the heart of the desert, lie the large ruins of the ancient City of Leymon, which was destroyed during the Beast War 100 years prior. The war also transmogrified the once lush area into the wasteland it is now. The former Leymon inhabitants remain in the city as petrified ghosts, and their once prosperous civilization has since been reduced to crumbling monuments scattered throughout the desert. The region connects to the northern plains via a forest to the north, where the climate drastically becomes colder.

Desert Artwork (TotT) Laurus (TotT) City of Leymon (TotT)
The Desert Laurus City of Leymon

Northern Plains[]

Northern Plains (TotT)

The merciless peninsula of the northern plains, abundant in mountains and forests.

The northern plains are characterized by their remote location, a large peninsula to the north, and harsh climate, making for unfavorable living conditions. There are two methods of entering the unforgiving region: via the North Gate of the western plains and through Bognam Forest, which leads into a central portion of the region, or through Algam Forest to the east, which connects to the desert region just south. Both entrances lead into a large area enclosed by large mountains, one being Mount Ayre. Thick forests are sprawled throughout the region, which has come to be known as ogre territory, as the beasts make their home in the cold wooded areas. The land is broken in several places, where ice bridges blanketed in snow make travel possible.

Algam Forest is home to the small snowy village of Sansa, where Leymon live in secret. It is the hometown of the protagonist Forest Ledoyen, who left the village 14 years prior to meet with the king in Janna and discuss negotiations between humans and the Leymon. The event was disastrous, with many of Forest's comrades being killed in the process. As a result, he fled Areulla altogether. The village is run by a chief, and its residents are not welcoming to outsiders. Bognam Forest is a nest of ogres that poses a greater threat than that of its sister woodland area. Far to the northwest rests the village of Adelhibath, the protagonist Arria Ekberg's hometown, where a strange man named Couber is also said to live. It yields a port looking out into glacier-filled sea, inactive due to its remote location and lack of resources.

Northern Plains Artwork (TotT) Sansa (TotT) Adelhibath (TotT)
Northern Plains Sansa Adelhibath