Aselia Wiki
Arlee (ToP).jpg
Game Tales of Phantasia
World Aselia
Country Kingdom of Alvanista
Region Southern Continent

Arlee, Town of Eternal Darkness (常闇の町 アーリィ Tokoyami no Machi Aarii?) is the name of a town found in the southern region of Aselia in Tales of Phantasia. Arlee is a former mining town that is characterized by being perpetually covered in darkness. It may have connections to the Kingdom of Alvanista, considering its exploration team is based there.


Arlee is the sole inhabitant of its continent, where snow and mountains surround it from all sides. The city itself is a snow-covered haven where rabbits run free in the streets and the only illumination are pale lamps. There are entrances in all major directions, and it holds all the amenities of a typical town. Great, snow-covered trees line the streets, while the city is protected by walls on all sides. Because of its snowy nature, it is not uncommon to find snowmen tucked into small corners.

Places of Interest

  • "The Splatterhouse" Inn
  • "3AM" (午前3時 Gozen 3-ji?) Equipment Shop
  • "Sleepyhead" (寝坊 Nebou?, "Sleeping In") Restaurant
  • "Dead of Night" (うしみつ時 Ushi Mitsu Toki?) Tool Shop


In Tales of Phantasia, the party returns to Lundgrom after forming a pact with the Spirit Origin in the future timeline, where he tells them that Dhaos's Castle may be found in a place under eternal darkness. Heading to Arlee, they learn that the darkness only arrived a few years ago and that an Alvanistan exploration team is based in town to solve the anomaly. The party decides to stay the night at the inn. Mint Adenade asks to talk to Cress Albane alone, so they head out into the snow together. As Chester Burklight and Arche Klein bicker, Claus F. Lester asks they to leave the room as he summons Origin. With the Eternal Sword, Claus asks Origin to show him a scene from the past, which Origin does as a one-time favor. Claus views Milard Rune teaching a class of students.

Meanwhile, Arche and Chester bicker while admitting some feelings for each other underneath it all. Outside, Mint and Cress have a conversation that leads to talk of Mint's unicorn earrings, of which there are only supposed to be two. Cress is reminded of the earring that saved him back in Euclid's aqueducts, and he apologizes. Mint admits that if she had known that her mother was dead, she would have broken and thanks him for sparing her that. On the roof, Suzu Fujibayashi questions the need for a ninja to be emotionless. She resolves to follow her heart and have no regrets. In the morning, a member of the exploration team comes and reveals that they found something in a mine's ruins. The party gathers and proceeds there.