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Arnold Alcott
Appearance Tales of Legendia
Residences Werites Beacon
Age 40
Height 190 cm
Race Orerines
Occupation Terror (Stingle)
•Apothecary (Arnold)
Weapon Broad Sword
Japanese Voice Actor Mahito Ooba
Character Designer Mikiko Ichinose

Arnold Alcott (アーノルド・オルコット Aanorudo Orukotto?), first encountered under the guise of Stingle the Vicious (烈斬のスティングル Retsuzan no Sutinguru?), is a character in Tales of Legendia. Stingle is known as the newest member of Vaclav Bolud's three Terrors and wears a mask to conceal his identity.


Main Quest

After escaping from the Secret Passage, Senel Coolidge leaves the group with Shirley Fennes to head back to town on their own. At the cliff exit Stingle, along with the other Terrors appear in front of Senel to take Shirley. After Senel loses to Melanie, Vaclav takes Shirley away. Stingle and the other Terrors leave with Vaclav.

At the Forest of No Return, Stingle and the other Terrors follow Vaclav's order to capture Senel and eliminate the other members of Senel's party. At the bandits' hideout in the forest, Stingle approaches Chloe Valens, remarking how much she has grown since their last encounter. It is revealed that Stingle is the murderer of Chloe's parents. When Chloe tries to attack her, Stingle knocks her out in one blow. When the party escapes from that area of the forest, Stingle retreats with the other Terrors to the Bridge.

The party faces Stingle one final time at the Bridge on the third floor. The party arrives in a dark room, where Stingle appears and remarks he will be waiting inside and takes the elevator up. When the party goes to the final floor of the Bridge's third area, Stingle appears in a large room, where he fights the party one final time. After being defeated, he throws himself into a trap door and escapes. He is last seen during the Main Quest in the Misty Mountains, hiding from Moses Sandor's bandits.

Skit image in Tales of Legendia.

In the first chapter of the Character Quests, Stingle appears as Arnold Alcott with his young daughter, Elsa Alcott, as new travelers coming to Legacy from the Mainland. He first meets Senel and his friends again when he and Elsa are being attacked by monsters on their way to Werites Beacon. After this, Senel, Chloe, and Shirley escort them to the city. When they arrive in Werites Beacon, he and Elsa head for the doctor's office to see if he can help with his daughter's illness. After these events, Arnold and Elsa live in Werites Beacon in the spare room at the doctor's office.

Character Quests

During Chloe's Character Quest, Arnold goes to Vaclav's Hidden Fortress to get ingredients for Elsa's medicine. The party catches up to him but finds him wounded badly by a Grand Gaet. When Senel and Will try to help him, they notice a snake tattoo similar to Stingle's on his left arm, making Chloe suspect he is Stingle. When the party returns to town, he and Elsa go back to the doctor's office. Thinking his identity has been revealed, Arnold devises a plan for the next day. The party is called by Arnold the next day to go to the Earth Monument to get the "Spider's Cocoon" to heal Elsa, while he goes to the Forest of No Return.

Stingle Model.jpg

After returning from their quest, Harriet Campbell gives Chloe and Will each a letter. Will's describes how to make the medicine for Elsa, while Chloe's tells her to go to the forest. The next day, Chloe goes to the forest to face him. The party and Else travel to the forest and discover the two fighting, and when they arrive, Chloe is about to kill Arnold. However, the other characters, as well as Elsa, intervene. After the party defeats "Dark Chloe", Chloe forgives Arnold for what he did. Arnold heals Elsa and decides to live on the Legacy from now on.

Although Arnold does not appear during most of Grune's Character Quest, he and Elsa appear during the final confrontation when Schwartz covers the Legacy in darkness and sends dark versions of herself to attack them. When the party tries to use their Sacred Eres to stop Schwartz, he and Elsa get Sacred Eres themselves and defeat the Schwartz clones. In the end, he and Elsa look at the sky believing that Senel and his friends saved everyone.