Aselia Wiki
Arsia's Manor
Game Tales of Phantasia
World Aselia
Country Kingdom of Alvanista
Region Alvanistan Continent

Arsia's Manor is the home of the half-elf Arsia in Tales of Phantasia.


The house is located just east of the Ymir Forest, where the Elf Colony rests. It is embedded within a forested area, with a simple dirt path leading to the entrance. Situated near the coast, the large home is gated and features a cozy interior design.


The protagonists venture here seeking Arsia, as she is rumored to be a gifted bowmaker who can possibly repair Chester Burklight's weapon. Before agreeing to this, however, she requests that they bring Brambert Milene to her home, and even transforms Arche Klein into stone as to secure the bargain. The group later brings Brambert to the estate, where Arsia demands he stay with her, or she will leave Arche a statue. He offers himself in Arche's stead, atoning for involving innocent people in such a private matter with Arsia, a former romance. Arsia agrees and frees Arche, but turns Brambert to stone.

Years pass, and Arsia eventually releases Brambert of her spell and instead transmogrifies herself into stone. Brambert chooses to remain with her and encounters the group again in their desperate fight throughout time to defeat Dhaos. He provides them with the bow Arsia fixed and vows to remain with Arsia until she recovers. Later, the group returns once more, and Brambert realizes his love for Arsia, breaking the spell upon her. Brambert decides to leave the elves and live with Arsia in her manor from that point forward.