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Ascending Streak (ライオットグライダー Raiottoguraidaa?, "Riot Glider") is a Wind-elemental linked arte in Tales of Xillia and Tales of Xillia 2.

Arte Description and History

Teepo hovers high the air as Elize Lutus hangs off of him and Leia Rolando in turn hangs off of her. As Teepo moves, Elize and Leia twirl their weapons and hit any nearby enemies. As this arte is used more, the player gains additional control over the characters' movements. After 10 uses, the characters can turn by pushing ← or → using the left control stick. After 20 uses, acceleration is possible by pushing ↑ using the left control stick, and deceleration is available by pushing ↓ using the left control stick after 40 uses. Sharp turns are available using the PlayStation L2 Button.png and PlayStation R2 Button.png buttons after 80 uses, while turning speed using the left left control stick is increased after 200 uses. In Tales of Xillia, it combines Elize's Teepo Copter arte with Leia's Spiral Strike and is essentially both performed simultaneously.


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