Aselia, the Tales Wiki is an English-language wiki under the Fandom domain, owned by Wikia, Inc. The wiki provides general to comprehensive information in an encyclopedic format on topics that relate to the Tales series of games, along with comprehensive guides written by the community. These include, but are not necessarily limited to: the games; characters; locations; items; biological races; mythology; significant events; real-life companies in development and publication; important people involved in development and publication; and features of the games. For site statistics, see Statistics.

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Aselia was founded by DemonFang on May 28, 2006, and Imaginationac adopted the wiki on March 26, 2007. Both users no longer contribute to the wiki and have since had their rights revoked. Mayu Miyuki administrated the wiki for a number of years until her resignation by revoking her rights on September 5, 2015. Aselia's currently active administrators are Arosia and Lanate. In 2015, the wiki expanded a great deal, with hundreds of pages having been added and the site's infrastructure remodeled for aesthetics and easier navigation. In addition, enemy arte list pages were implemented to the wiki, adding nearly 300 pages alone.

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