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The following information is Aselia's rules and policies regarding images on this wiki.

Uploading Rules

When uploading images onto this wiki, please follow these rules:

  • First and foremost, do not upload upload unnecessary and/or irrelevant images on this wiki. Keep in mind that most necessary images are already uploaded to the wiki, and random game screenshots that have little to do with anything should be avoided entirely. In that same regard, do not upload an image if you do not plan on using it in some shape or form. Our Unused photos repository is empty and will stay that way.
  • Ensure that the image you are uploading has a distinguishable file name. A series of random numbers is not acceptable.
    • Be consistent with the current formats we have. For example, place the game acronym or console acronym for different versions of the game in parenthesis for clarity. All arte images must be uploaded in this format: Arte Name (Game Acronym). No exceptions! This wiki was purged of nearly all its arte images due to a number of violations, so we do not want a series of mistakes to arise again.
  • In the "Summary" section of the upload form, provide a brief summary stating the image's content and its original source.
    • The file should include a "Description" section for the brief summary stating the image's content and a "Source" section for linking to the image's original source. If an image lacks a link, verify that it is official or an actual screenshot from the game in question, then state: "No link provided. Verified [content]." or "No link provided. Screenshot from the game."
  • Categorize the image appropriately. If you are unsure which category the image belongs in, simply skip this step, and an administrator will categorize the image.
  • Only the following image formats may be uploaded onto this wiki: .png, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg.[1]
  • Do not link directly to images that have not been uploaded onto this site.
  • Do NOT upload any of the following: costume images, fan art, copyrighted images[2], hentai, pornography, videos, or other non-image content.

  1. Wikia images are exempt from this rule.
  2. Any official artwork or in-game screenshots that are copyrighted by Bandai Namco Games, Production I.G., and any other affiliated groups or persons are exempt from this rule.

See this page for more information on uploading files.


The following are a few of the best places to obtain images and upload them to this wiki:

Any images obtained from these places must still be cited and compliant with all of Aselia's image rules.

Chibi Phantasia Cast.jpg

Placement and Usage

Images should be used primarily within the main body of text-heavy articles to provide visual aids wherever they might be relevant.

  • For game pages, the game's logo should be used in the GameInfo box, while any and all box art/covers should be embedded within the article itself, utilizing slideshows if necessary. Within the text of game pages, certain images may be used if they are relevant. For example: a map image of the world in which the game takes place in the "Story" section; official artwork of the protagonists/antagonists in the "Characters" section; a gameplay image depicting a particular feature of the game, such as its battle system, in any appropriate section; and alternative logos used for different versions of the game in the "Release Overview" section.
  • For character pages, the character's primary official artwork should be used in the CharInfo box. If multiple official artworks for the character exist, the oldest holds priority. Status images often do not show the full character, and games on older or portable platforms may have reduced quality images, resulting in inconsistent quality among all character pages. As such, images of this nature, including cut-in images, should be included within the text of the article. A status image is ideal for an "Appearance and Personality" section, while a cut-in image is ideal for a "Fighting Style" section. Artwork from other games in which the character has made an appearance should ideally be included in the "Other Appearances" section, if one exists. Again, utilize slideshows if necessary.
  • For location pages, images should be limited and only used if depicting specific geographical features of the location. Official screenshots, artwork, and concept artwork are ideal for location pages, while gameplay images that just happen to take place in the location or casually feature it should be avoided entirely.
  • For individual arte pages, particularly on pages that relate to attacks that involve cut-in images such as mystic artes, an actual image of the attack in action must be used. Cut-in images belong on character pages only.
  • Images should rarely be added to list-type resource pages.

Do not make images large enough to distort the text format by causing too much white space on 1024x768 screen resolutions. The absolute maximum image pixel width should be 300px to avoid extraneous word-wrapping. Images within the main text of a page should be smaller, but large enough to make their content clearly visible. Align images to the right side of the page to avoid awkward outputs. If the pictures border each other without text content separating them, some of them should be resized, moved to another place within the article, or placed within a slideshow/gallery. Collated images of any type, such as collages and tiled thumbnails, should be avoided entirely because they prevent the individual images from being separated and displayed by themselves, spread throughout the entire article for proper visual balance between images and text.

Use the following syntax for embedding images:



This wiki mostly uses a custom gallery system, which is accessible through the {{gallery}} template tag. If the description of the image exceeds the space available, insert line coding to avoid a scroll bar in the output. Image galleries are to be added below the main body of text, but above the "Trivia", "References", and "External Links" sections, if they exist. Galleries should have a strict limit of four pictures per row to best accommodate standard screen resolutions, and the images within the gallery should relate directly to the page.

See this page for more information and documentation.