Aselia Wiki

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Domain Description
About A general introduction of Aselia.
Policy Gives a brief overview of Aselia's policies.
Manual of Style Lists guidelines for creating and editing articles on Aselia.
Page Outlines Information regarding outlines for content and resource pages.
Images Information regarding uploading images and image usage.
Sources Information regarding sources and citation.
Japanese Information regarding Japanese text, romanization, and translation usage.
Administrators Lists Aselia's active administrators.
Wikipedia A list of links from Wikipedia.
Walkthroughs A list of links from GameFAQs.
Let's Plays A list of links from the Let's Play Archive.
TV Tropes A list of links from TV Tropes.
Game Templates A list of game templates used on this wiki.
Character Templates A list of character templates used on this wiki.
Location Templates A list of location templates used on this wiki.
Sandbox A place to experiment with wiki syntax.

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Domain Description
Move request log A place to request for a page to be moved/renamed.
Contents A basic guide to wikis.
User access levels A basic guide to user access levels.
Uploading files A basic guide to uploading files.
Administrators' how-to guide A basic guide to using admin powers.

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Domain Description
Index The forum index.
Help desk A place to ask for assistance.
Watercooler A place to discuss the wiki.