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Certain information used on this wiki may not always be acquired through readily accessible material, such as the games in the series themselves. As such, when deriving information from supplementary materials or a third party, citation is necessary. Likewise, providing links to official or otherwise credible sources with further reading is encouraged if the added sources are relevant. This page details "References" and "External Links" sections, as well as provides a compilation of official websites and credible translations.


To cite information, add a reference directly after the material by placing the source in <ref></ref> tags. The source goes in between the tags like this: <ref>Source</ref>. Then, make a "References" section using <small></small> tags (see the Manual of Style for more information on where to place it) like this:


If done correctly, it should look like this.[1]

References (example)

  1. Example

The format for references should appear as follows:

[URL Article Name] • [URL Website Name] (YYYY-MM-DD) Retrieved on YYYY-MM-DD.

If the source is not an article, simply follow the pattern of: [URL Specific Source] • [URL Overall Source] (YYYY-MM-DD) Retrieved on YYYY-MM-DD.

To cite a Wikipedia page, simply follow this format: [Page Link] ([Wikipedia Link]).

In other words, it should appear this way in the coding: [[wikipedia:Page Name|Page Name]] ([ Wikipedia]).

External Links

An "External Links" section is for relevant, additional information, such as Tales Channel and its subsequent websites for each respective game in the series. Due to these websites being written in Japanese, "[JP]" should be placed at the beginning of each of them so that they look like this:

External Links (example)

Like the "References" sections, use <small></small> tags. Bullet each individual link and apply brief, parenthetical descriptions after the names of the websites for clarity.

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