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Asgard, the City of Ruins (遺跡の街アスカード Iseki no Machi Asukaado?, "Town of Ruins, Ascard") is a historical city in Tales of Symphonia. Known worldwide in Sylvarant for its ruins, the city is popular among tourists and is believed to have once been the capital of the ancient Balacruf Civilization.



One of the city's central features is its stone dais, where Cleo III once held a ritual to offer a sacrifice to the Summon Spirit of Wind in order to quell a storm that had raged for a week, and the altar was made for the spirit. The curve of the stone is said to express the spirit's flight through the sky, and that it is infused with a large volume of mana, though currently, due to the world's mana shortage, the mana infused in the stone is fading. When the mana in the stone evaporates, it emits a unique aroma that is commonly known as the "Filament Effect".

Tales of Symphonia[]

Upon approaching the city's stone dais, Raine Sage enters "Ruin Mode" and begins lecturing on the area's history. However, Lloyd Irving sneaks away to explore alone and finds two men with a bomb, planning to destroy the dais. When Raine hears this, she rushes to the site and attacks the men, but ends up activating the bomb herself. Because neither of the men can stop it, Lloyd tries and succeeds, telling the men not to make things they cannot control. Then, however, the mayor or Asgard appears, so the men flee. It is soon revealed that the two men tried to destroy the dais because Linar's sister, Aisha, is going to be offered as a sacrifice for the Summon Spirit of Wind. Because Linar was too careless with his research, he accidentally awakened a creature said to be the Summon Spirit of Wind, who began demanding sacrifices. The group learns that Aisha has been selected to perform the maiden ritual and be offered to the spirit as his next sacrifice.

Because the group believes the spirit to be of some help in their search for the next seal, Raine offers to perform the maiden ritual in Aisha's place. Being accepted, she performs the ritual and summons the mystical creature, who is revealed to be a false spirit. The group then fights the spirit, and when it is defeated, they receive the "Map of Balacruf", which Raine and Linar read and translate the following night. The day afterward, Raine reveals that the next seal is in the Balacruf Mausoleum. In a later sidequest, it is possible for Raine to receive her maiden ritual clothes as a costume by approaching the stone dais again, where Linar and the mayor ask Raine to perform the ritual once more. She agrees, and the new members of the group witness the display that ends with Raine's acquisition of the "Maiden" title.