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Asgard Empire
Game Tales of the Rays
World Tir Na Nog
Capital Odanse
Ruler Emperor Demitrius

The Asgard Empire (アスガルド帝国 Asugarudo Teikoku?) is a country in Tales of the Rays. It is an ancient empire that resurfaces after over a millennium of nonexistence with Demitrius at its helm, under the guise of providing relief to the world damaged by the Mirrorshift.


1,200 years ago, the Asgard Empire existed on Tir Na Nog with Odanse as its capital. It controlled the Bifrost Empire and Sellund, but was ultimately destroyed, and the imperial line died. After the Mirrorshift, King Demitrius of Sellund proclaimed the revival of the ancient Asgard Empire and became the emperor. Within just a span of one month, the Empire gained control of about 90 percent of Tir Na Nog due to people being easily impressionable, a result of the world being mostly exoflections of different ones. More than a half of the Salvation Front also joined the Empire. In the present, Asgard hunts down nexuses to use them in their Living Doll project, Living Dolls being intended hosts of the anima of people who were lost during Mirrage Wars. The Empire also searches among nexuses for an appropriate host for Goddess Dana. In addition, Asgard invents spirit gear, equipment that is imbued with spirits' mana, with its purpose being to have Maxwell on their side.


  • Demitrius - The emperor, who has unclear motives; it appears he intends to return Asgard to its former glory, yet his methods to achieve it can hardly be considered civil.
  • Glasstin - A mad scientist in the employ of the Empire; he works on the Living Doll project and has an unhealthy obsession with Phillip Reston and Junior.