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The Eastern Country of Ashihara (アシハラ?) is a nation in Tales of Innocence. It is the home country of the antagonist Thitose Cxarma.


Ashihara is a large island located in the world's eastern hemisphere. Its capital city that shares its name rests on the southern part of the island and, like many capitals, near the sea. Apart from its capital city, the only area of interest is the Ashihara Tombs, its entrance being guarded within the capital. The group ventures here in order to learn more about their past lives, and they are forced into a confrontation with Thitose inside. Ashihara is encircled by many small islands, contributing to its serene, captivating allure.


Ashihara Flag (ToI)

The official flag of Ashihara.

Ashihara has a distinct, ancient culture that is largely unaffected by the Church. The island country was once a maritime nation with a powerful navy that enabled it to rule a vast territory, but it has since lost power and even begun sinking, with its sea level having risen enough to cover one-third of the landmass. Ashihara's unusual practices include pagan worship and the consumption of raw fish. During the events of the story, Ashihara is not participating in the war due to its current crisis and is considered to be neutral.



  • Many locations in the game mirror real-world locations. Ashihara shares many similarities with Japan, including its culture, architecture, and geographical location.