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Aslan Frings
Aslan Frings.png
Appearance Tales of the Abyss
Hometown Grand Chokmah
Age 26
Race Human
Occupation Brigadier General
Weapon Sword
Japanese Voice Actor Gou Inoue (anime)

Aslan Frings (アスラン・フリングス Asuran Furingusu?, "Athrun Frings") is a high-ranking member of the Malkuth Military and one of several characters who believe a world without Yulia Jue's Score would be a better one.


Frings resembles many of the other inhabitants of the Malkuth Empire in that he has the light-colored hair and beige skin especially predominant in Grand Chokmah. He is later shown to be a passionate, dedicated individual in his attempt at courting Jozette Cecille of Kimlasca. He is also later shown as one of the commanders of the Malkuth Military during the war fought on the Rugnica Plains and one of the architects of the truce between the isolated forces of Kimlasca and Malkuth after the fall of the battlefield alongside Engeve and Chesedonia.

After the fall of the southern half of Rugnica, the Malkuth forces are found to have taken refuge at Engeve, Luke's entrance into which reveals that the Kimlascan general Cecille has become a prisoner of war after being rescued from a fissure by Frings, who offers harsh criticism to one of his soldiers for treating her poorly. Following a brief conversation with Luke and his companions, Frings proposes that a truce be arranged and that a prisoner exchange be done, allowing Cecille and the soldier she was attempting to rescue to be returned to the part of their homeland that had already fallen into the Qliphoth.

Concept artwork for the Tales of the Abyss anime.

By this time, Cecille and Frings appear to have a budding affection for each other, though Cecille is reluctant to accept the advances of Frings and refuses his marriage proposal when she reveals that her family were stripped of their nobility after one of her relatives married a Malkuthian count, as well as attempting to return the ring he gave to her. Frings refuses to accept the return of the ring, stating that he will wait for Cecille's heart to change. He becomes successful and is soon ready to be wed off to Cecille. However, he later dies at the hands of a company of enemy soldiers wearing Kimlascan uniforms conformed by replicas by Mohs. His dying words state that he wishes "her" to be happy, referring to Cecille.


  • In Tales of Vesperia, on the right wall at the inn in Yormgen, there is a message that reads Cecille♥Frings, referring to his relationship with Cecille.