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The Sealed City of Scholars, Aspio (学術閉鎖都市 アスピオ Gakujutsu Heisa Toshi Asupio?), also referred to as the City of Shade, is a cavern city located underneath a mountain range on the northeastern part of Ilyccia in Tales of Vesperia. The city is a large blastia research facility for the Empire, and the majority of its population are scholars studying blastia. Aspio is also the home of Rita Mordio, the "genius mage" of Aspio, who is both famed and shunned due to her knowledge and obsession with blastia.


Aspio is a dark, dreary city that never receives sunlight due to its hidden location. Additionally, the city's secluded position protects it from various weather conditions such as rain. The Gothic-style architecture of the city is ornate and intricate, and the large buildings and infrastructures within the city produce light through illuminating lux blastia. Long, winding staircases connect the differing levels of the city, including the entrance to the city, which is frequently guarded by the Imperial Knights. The only accessible inn and shops are located in the city's vast library. Rita resides in a house located across a lone, wooden bridge on the eastern side of the city.


Aspio Emblem

The official emblem of Aspio.

The group first travels to Aspio in search of Mordio, whom they believe is the thief of the aque blastia located in Zaphias's lower quarter. They proceed to ask residents about Mordio, and each individual in question is surprised to find someone who wants to see Mordio. They are then directed to Mordio's shack at the edge of Aspio only to find a young woman instead of the blastia thief. Rita, who is innocent, leads the group to the Shaikos Ruins, where thieves have been reportedly staying. After returning from the ruins, Rita joins the group to further her blastia research.

Once the group has made the four elemental Spirit conversions, Duke Pantarei begins his plan to destroy the Adephagos. He raises the tower of Tarqaron, a city-made-weapon that was hidden beneath Aspio. The tower, once an ancient city of the Geraios Civilization, is modified as a weapon with the intent of destroying the Entelexeia. As Aspio is above Tarqaron, it is destroyed when the tower is raised, but the city's scholars manage to escape to the nearby Halure and Deidon Hold.