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Assid (ToCrestoria).png
Appearance Tales of Crestoria
Age 19
Height 173 cm
Race Human
Occupation Scientist
Weapon Longstaff
Japanese Voice Actor Hisafumi Oda

Assid (アシッド Ashiddo?) is a major antagonist in Tales of Crestoria. He is a lead scientist of Medagal and twin brother of Forte.


One day, Assid and his twin brother Forte returned home from hunting to find out that their parents had been killed by a bandit. Assid pulled out a knife and tried to fight the man only for the bandit to beat him to a bloody pulp. As a result, Forte started having the same nightmare repeating events.

Ten years later, the twins joined the Order of Knights and became the royal lead scientist, serving under the king Gadel. While the two were given permission to use the palace's research facilities as much as they wanted, they were always to report their progress on their experiments. For quite some time, they had been attempting to summon the goddess Kasque, resorting to scams that turn people into transgressors and "sacrificing" them to the enforcers, but to no avail.

Forte is first seen together with Assid, reporting to Gadel that they have created a solution to destroy the Nation of Sin. By stealing the energy used to birth enforcers, they have created a weapon even stronger than an Enforcer EX, Makina. Before they set Makina loose, Forte and Assid assign Eleanor Hume to observe the mission.

Later the twins save Kanata Hjuger and his group from an incarnation. They introduce themselves as a pair of traveling mages and together set to Nokana as the twins have some business to attend to there. On their way to Nokana, Forte and Assid appear to be friendly, joining in various conversations. During the trip they overhear Kanata and Misella quietly discussing that they are going to confess to Kanata's sister, Sonia, that he was the transgressor who killed their father. Once the group arrives at Nokana, the events take a turn for worse as the twins put Kanata and his allies under a powerful spell and take Sonia hostage, Assid and Forte admit to overhearing his conversation with Misella and hint that Kanata's relation with Sonia can be used as a "fuel for the fire of the second coming". Just before the twins escape with Sonia they also state that they intend to use the transgressors as a sacrifice to their god.

Forte and Assid then bring the girl to Yednark, where they execute their plan to use the Kanata's relationship with Sonia to summon Kasque. They have Nash lie to the public on how Cody Hjuger died, causing Sonia to enter a rage which allows an enforcer they crafted to fuse with her. Their plan is either forcing the Enforcer-possessed girl to explode, annihilating the town of Yednark or forcing Kanata to kill the fused duo, in either case pointing all crime on the boy, which will allow the masses to feel immense hate, resulting in Kasque descending from the heavens. To make sure Kanata is the one to deal the killing blow, the twins order a newly revived Makina to kill the others. However, their plan is initially thwarted when Kanata's group defeat the three and tell Sonia the truth, resulting in the girl separating the enforcer and allowing the transgressors to strike it down without sacrificing the girl.

Before Forte, Assid, and Makina flee, the goddess still arrives, much to the twins' delight, but to the transgressors' horror. However, it turns out that Kasque has been watching events unfold from above, and she can simply descend from the heavens at her own will, not from massive influx of pleas for condemnation. For this idiocy, Kasque strikes the twins with a lightning arte. The goddess reveals that she only invented the vision orbs for the specific purpose of her retirement as a goddess. Knowing that Kanata plans to destroy the vision orbs, Kasque fights and overmatches him and his friends. In a last-ditch effort, Vicious holds Kasque off while the others escape. Unfazed by the strike she gave them mere moments ago, Assid, Forte and Makina chase after the transgressors. Since Kasque wants them dead, they are intent on serving her wish. Eventually, Kasque manages to pulverize Vicious and leave him for dead. But then, Vicious reappears, still alive, but just barely. To everyone's surprise, Vicious resorts to using his Great Transgressor power. Forte, Assid and Makina try to fight the newly awakened Great Transgressor, but are easily defeated with a single Devour The Heavens. Vicious turns his head to Kasque and renders her immobile. Before the Great Transgressor could kill everyone present, the sorceress Ivis appears and seals the Great Transgressor away, reverting Vicious back to normal. Forte and Assid pledge their loyalty to the goddess. After taking a closer look at the two, Kasque agrees, so long as they do not take it too far. After a small pep talk with Kanata, Assid, Forte, Makina and Kasque all leave Yednark.

Appearance and Personality

Assid has spiky hair that cover his right eye and amber eyes. He wears a tight gray vest with a white coat with golden accents. Around his neck is a blue scarf tied with a large gold ring. Assid has white pants and blue knee-high boots. He wears his vision orb as an earring; it is located on his left ear.

Assid appears to be jovial, with an energetic personality. He is the more casual of the twins, contrasting well with his slightly stricter brother. Much like his brother Forte, Assid is a devout believer of Kasque who will stop at nothing to call her from the heavens to deliver justice onto the world, even if it means sacrificing others. Assid is also shown to be a womanizer of sorts. Since they share the same face, the twins can easily be confused with the other, and Forte seems to be on the losing end with Assid's shenanigans, much to the former's dismay, as when he gets slapped by a woman who had a run-in with Assid at a pub and when three of Assid's "lovers" insisted that Forte was Assid.

Fighting Style

Cut-in image for Tales of Crestoria.

Assid fights with a longstaff, using multi-hit melee techniques. His style complements his brother, who focuses on magical techniques. Together with Forte he shares a mystic arte called Xenomalenifica, that is a combination of Assid's longstaff strikes and Forte's Dark-elemental magic.


  • Assid and Forte's birthday is on April 10.
  • Assid's name is derived from the adjective "assiduous", which means "hard-working".