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Astal (ToV).png
Appearance Tales of Vesperia
Residences Baction
Race Entelexeia

Astal (アスタル Asutaru?) is an Entelexeia in Tales of Vesperia.


Astal is an older Entelexeia with a temple dedicated to him known as the shrine of Baction, where he was once worshiped, though this has long since been forgotten by the events of the story. Astal currently resides in the shrine and absorbs aer like other Entelexeia in order to maintain balance. During the story, he is first seen being attacked by the superweapon Heracles near Baction as Alexei Dinoia hunts him for his apatheia. The Heracles succeeds in severely injuring Astal, forcing him to retreat deep within the shrine.

The protagonists venture into the shrine and find Astal in the deepest portion, severely weakened at his altar. He only manages to speak a few words before Alexei uses Estelle's power to kill him, causing him to leave behind his apatheia, which Alexei moans is smaller than he desired. As a result of Astal's death, the aer in the surrounding area thickens, which causes masses of monsters to gather on the continent of Hypionia.