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Aston Lhant
Appearance Tales of Graces
Race Human
Occupation Lord of Lhant
Weapon Sword
Japanese Voice Actor Yuuji Mikimoto

Aston Lhant (アストン・ラント Asuton Ranto?) is a side-character in Tales of Graces. He is the husband of Kerri Lhant, and the father of Asbel Lhant and Hubert Oswell, who was born Hubert Lhant.



Twenty years prior to the events of the story, Aston met Kerri, who was sent to marry him. At first, the two did not get along well, as Kerri did not want to be married, and Aston tricked her by switching places with Frederic. This was due to Aston wanting to find out what kind of person Kerri was. Kerri was angered by the deception and decided to return to Barona, but before she could do this, Aston left Lhant to protect Richard's father, King Ferdinand IV, from an attack by the Fendelian army.

Aston told Kerri before he left to "take care of the flower bed" and "learn to love the flowers". Kerri's departure was halted when Frederic told her that Fendelian soldiers could appear at the highroads during her journey. Three days later, a storm fell upon Lhant, and upon discovering Aston's flower journal, Kerri cared for his flowers while he was away. A month later, Aston returned from the front lines and was surprised to see that Kerri did take care of the flowers. She asked him what he meant by loving the flowers, and Aston responded by saying, "If you can love flowers, you can love people". Kerri was touched by his words and gave him her name. Aston complimented her by saying her name is beautiful. This event paved the way to their good relationship and eventual marriage. 


Aston makes his first appearance in the Prologue when the group returns and enters the manor. He leaves them be temporarily to see to prince Richard, only for them to show up when monsters attack the carriage. Despite successfully fighting them off, Aston reprimands Asbel for disobeying again before apologizing to the escort who was with Richard. He then orders the kids to not approach Richard for any reason.

Aston takes Hubert to Barona, to be adopted by the wealthy Oswell family of Strahta. When Asbel learns of this, he yells how his father prefers everyone to just play along with his commands, and out of spite, leaves to become a knight instead of the next lord of Lhant.

For seven years, Aston worries that his best intentions had inadvertently caused his children to suffer, especially with Asbel's last words to him ringing in his mind. However, Lhant is attacked by Fendelian soldiers. Despite his best efforts, Aston dies in battle. Aston's actions would unintentionally turn his sons against each other, simply to spite the father who denied Asbel and discarded Hubert.