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Appearance Sword Art Online franchise
Tales of Link
Tales of the Rays
Tales of Arise
Age 18
Race Human
Weapon Rapier
Japanese Voice Actor Haruka Tomatsu
English Voice Actor Cherami Leigh[1]

Asuna (アスナ?) is the avatar of Asuna Yuuki (結城 明日奈 Yuuki Asuna?), a character from the Sword Art Online franchise who makes a cameo appearance in Tales of Link, Tales of the Rays, and Tales of Arise.


Tales of Arise

Asuna and Kirito both appear in a collaboration DLC pack for Tales of Arise. They can be encountered in the Training Grounds of Viscint, right after the party departs for Mahag Saar. After greeting them, the two agree to fight in the arena.

Appearance and Personality

Asuna has long, orange-brown chestnut hair and hazel eyes. In the early levels of SAO, she wears a dark red leather tunic with a lightweight copper breastplate and leather pants with boots up to the knees, along with a hooded cape. After joining the Knights of the Blood, she wears a red and white uniform that all KoB members wear and wields a rapier made by Lisbeth, called the Lambent Light.

Asuna is a kind and helpful young woman who, similarly to Kirito, cannot abandon another in trouble. She takes the game very seriously and is determined to clear it before Kirito tells her to enjoy SAO a bit. Asuna is also somewhat proud and, despite her kind personality, she will not hesitate to get physical with those who challenge her authority or make fun of her abilities, such as cooking. She even challenged Kirito to a duel after an argument over how to handle a Field Boss. She is not afraid to act out on her own and will take matters into her own hands from time to time.

Fighting Style

Cut-in image for Tales of the Rays.

In Tales of the Rays, Asuna uses several original strike artes, as well as a few artes derived from the Sword Art Online franchise Original Sword Skills (OSS): Starry Tear, Star Splash, and Mother's Rosario.

In Tales of Arise, Asuna uses several attacks inspired by the Luminous elemental Sacred Arts, including one move that can heal most of Kirito's HP. Once he is defeated, Asuna will automatically activate Unlimited Terrain Manipulation.



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