Aselia Wiki
Appearance Tales of Innocence
Age Late 30s
Race Deity
Occupation Sensus General
Weapon Durandal
Japanese Voice Actor Rikiya Koyama
Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata
"Asura" redirects here. For the character in Tales of Zestiria, see Asura (Tales of Zestiria).

Asura (アスラ Asura?, "Asras") is a god who served as general of the Sensus army in Tales of Innocence. He had a split personality, being known as Maou (魔王?, "Demon King") when ruling Sensus as a masked leader. As a result, he experienced a split reincarnation, with Ruca Milda being the reincarnation of Asura and Mathias being the reincarnation of Maou.



Asura was born from the earth, and upon hearing his cries, the dragon goddess Vritra dug him up from the soil and cared for him thereafter as a mother would. As Asura, he served as general of Sensus's army, while as Maou, he served as the masked leader of the region and its army. This other side of Asura was considered to be his "dark" side, which veiled his feelings for the sake of his people. At some point during the war, Inanna betrayed Ratio and joined Sensus, eventually falling in love with Asura, who shared her feelings. This resulted in Asura's attendant, Sakuya, growing envious of Inanna due to her own love for Asura.

It was Inanna who gave Asura the legendary sentient sword Durandal, which he is always shown to have used in battle. At another point during the war, Asura gained a mutual respect for the Ratio strategist Orifiel, who eventually left Ratio and joined Sensus. Asura believed in the unification of Devaloka and Naraka, viewing the prayer and reaping system as insufficient. In order to accomplish this rejoining of the two worlds, Asura approached the Manifest guardian Cerberus, who told him that, if he could win the war, he could have the Manifest to use as he pleased. The story's opening scene depicts Asura's fight with the Ratio general Hypnos, which becomes a determining factor in the ancient, unnamed war.

During the War

The flashback depicting Asura's initial meeting with Orifiel provides some insight into the two's relationship that eventually becomes a truce. In the scene, Asura gives Orifiel an ultimatum of being killed or surrendering, and Orifiel chooses the latter, stating he has no intention of dying, which somewhat surprises Asura, who then deduces that Orifiel came to him for another reason. Orifiel explains that Ratio distracted Asura's troops to allow civilians of a village unmarked on maps to escape, stating they were interrupted when the Sensus army attacked without warning. Asura commends Orifiel's tactician work before allowing him to escape, claiming that, when they meet again, he will show him no mercy. Eventually, the two do meet again, and Orifiel joins Sensus in favor of Asura's goal.

In a number of scenes, Inanna's hesitation toward the unification of Devaloka and Naraka gradually becomes more evident, and Asura witnesses this on a number of occasions. In one flashback, Inanna and Asura are at Sky Castle, and Inanna comments on the earthly world of Naraka below. Asura states that the two worlds were once one and that he must unite them together again, but Inanna replies that Naraka is merely a prison for those who attempted to disrupt the peace in Devaloka and are now stripped of their heavenly power. Asura then states that humans are part of the balance of things, and that prayers and reaping souls have proven to be insufficient. However, Inanna claims that she fears the day humans return to Devaloka and want revenge, resulting in a never-ending war. Asura consoles her, stating that it is necessary in order to makes the world complete, that he will protect her, and that she should believe and confide in him.

Maou as he appears in Tales of Innocence.

A later flashback depicts Inanna begging Asura to seal the Manifest because its power is too dangerous, which concerns him. She stresses to him that she is content with how things are and longs to live with him forever as such. Asura's response is not shown, however. Inanna's hesitation becomes more evident in a later flashback that depicts her struggling with her thoughts alone, stating that she has made her decision to betray Ratio and live with Asura. She mentions, however, the obtaining of the Manifest and what its power will bring before Asura arrives and notices her troubled look. Inanna veils her conflicted mindset by focusing on Asura's triumphant return from battle.

After winning the war and preparing to obtain the Manifest, Orifiel informs Asura that Himmel has been killed and questions if it was due to his own betrayal or some attempt to warn others. Asura suggests that it may have been for both reasons before mentioning that Orifiel joined him in order to save Himmel. Orifiel curses himself for having been glad when Sensus won the war, stating that he forgot about Himmel despite the fact that Himmel was still waiting for him. Asura apologizes, but Orifiel rejects this apology, claiming that Asura and Himmel's will were the same and that he will honor Himmel by serving Asura, who then vows to gain the Manifest from Cerberus.

Obtaining the Manifest

In the story's opening flashback, Asura carries a brief conversation with Hypnos before the two engage in battle. Defeated and fearing that Devaloka will not be maintained without him to harvest mortal souls, Hypnos remains speechless when Asura informs him that all will be well when he reunites Devaloka with Naraka. Hypnos states that, when he is reborn and they meet again, he will judge the future Asura creates and hold him responsible for it before disappearing. This leads to the end of the war, with Sensus being victorious, and Asura returns to Cerberus in order to complete the deal after his successful trial. In this flashback, Asura is shown with Cerberus, who had expected him to come. Cerberus claims he does not wish to forfeit the Manifest, which causes Asura to believe that Cerberus does not feel is worthy.

A mural depicting Maou with the Manifest, as well as Asura with Inanna.

However, Cerberus simply claims that the Manifest feels good to bite and play with, but Asura states that such a thing is not his concern and takes the Manifest regardless. Before he leaves, Cerberus stops him and asks if he knows how to use the Manifest, which confuses Asura. Cerberus explains that the Primeval Giant's will is imbued within the Manifest and that two must stand before the Giant in faith and devotion, but only one soul may inherit the Giant's power. This initially leaves Asura speechless, but he then comments that he now has what he was promised before leaving. Afterward, Cerberus is left alone and whimpers that his mouth is lonely without the Manifest.

After the War

In a pivotal flashback, Asura prepares to activate the Manifest to reunite the worlds of Devaloka and Naraka, but Inanna betrays and stabs him with Durandal from behind. Inanna apologizes to Asura, who asks if she had the intention of assassinating him from the beginning. Inanna then explains that causing Asura to fall in love with her and then killing him was the task given to her by the senate of Ratio, but that she ended up truly falling in love with Asura, even to the point of betraying Ratio. However, she states that humans can never coexist with deities, and that the unification of the worlds would only allow it to rot away.

Asura Skit (ToI).png

Afterward, Asura breaks Durandal and stabs Inanna in return, killing her before dying himself. The Manifest grants both of their wishes, however, with each serving as the other's sacrifice. Asura's wish of uniting the worlds and Inanna's wish of leaving them separate results in the world's joining but not entirely fusing together, forming a rift in the natural order of things. Inanna's betrayal fills Asura's soul with despair, resulting in his split reincarnation of Ruca and Mathias from his personal self and "dark" self, respectively. As a result, Mathias bears Inanna's appearance, Asura's hatred for her having carved her face into his memory.

Appearance and Personality

Cut-in image for Maou Shakumetsujin in Tales of Innocence R.

Asura is a large, muscular man with gray skin and long, white hair. He has elvish ears and two large red horns that protrude from the sides of his head and curl inward. His attire consists of a protective suit of black armor that partially reveals his chest. He has glowing red nails and a long black and red tail, which extends to the ground.

Asura is a man of ambition who serves his people dutifully as Maou and commands Sensus's army with pride. He firmly believes that reunifying the worlds of Devaloka and Naraka is the best course of action, gaining a surge of supporters along the way. His trust of these companions extends into his trust for Inanna, who supports him and whom he dearly loves. Her betrayal of him etches a dark memory in Asura's heart, spurring his split during the reincarnation process. While Ruca represents the "normal" Asura, Mathias represents his darker self, Inanna being the epitome of this hatred.


  • Asuras are mythological lord beings in Hindu mythology who compete for power with the more benevolent Devas.
  • In Tales of Berseria, one of the areas that can be explored using the Expedition feature is called the "Asras Sea".