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Asura (ToCrestoria).png
Appearance Tales of Zestiria
Race •Human (formerly)
Hellion (currently)
Occupation Shepherd (formerly)
Weapon Sword, Hammer, Mace
This article is about the character in Tales of Zestiria. For the character in Tales of Innocence, see Asura (Tales of Innocence).

Asura (アシュラ Ashura?) is a minor antagonist in Tales of Zestiria. A former Shepherd fallen to malevolence, he is the subject of Sorey's trial to obtain the spiritual power of water.


Asura was a pure Shepherd, guided by the seraph Altul. Unfortunately, his purity was untempered and eventually drove him to madness. He became obsessed with destroying malevolence and forged a sword that would allow him to cut down all that would generate it. This obsession eventually drove him to become a hellion, the raging Asura who would cleave the world to make malevolence stop. Altul stole away the sword and kept watch over his former vessel within Lefay, the Shrine of the Water Trial. Sorey eventually heads to Lefay for the Water spiritual power and is tasked by Altul to quell Asura. Once Sorey understands Asura's origin, he obtains the spiritual power of water and quells Asura.

Appearance and Personality

Asura takes the appearance of a large, muscular demon with six arms, each of which wields a weapon. He is absorbed with destroying malevolence while being unaware that he is a victim of it, and he is particularly obsessed with the powerful sword he forged to perform the deed. Altul's theft of the sword causes him to rage endlessly in search of him. Lailah explains that Asura-type hellions are hellions of anger.


  • Asura is derived from the deities of the same name in Buddhism. Though he lacks the distinctive three heads, he does have the six arms, as well as the angry and unrestrained temperament.