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Atakk (ToZ).png
Appearance Tales of Zestiria
Tales of Berseria
Residences Marlind
Race Normin
Weapon Lance (Knight Arthur)
Japanese Voice Actor Naomi Shindo
English Voice Actor Benjamin Diskin[1]

Normin Atakk (ノルミン・アタック Norumin Atakku?, "Normin Attack") is a supporting character in Tales of Zestiria.


Long ago, Atakk and forty eight other normin traveled with Lailah long enough to each grow affection for her. At one point, they all begged her to make them to her Sub Lords, but she refused. In melancholy, they scattered across the world.

Eventually, Atakk wandered into Marlind, where he took a particular liking to the art inside the Dumnonia Museum. However, when wartime came, nationalistic humans began both trashing art from other countries and moving it on the black market. Upset at this, Atakk allowed the resulting malevolence to corrupt him, transforming into a hellion called Knight Arthur (ナイトアーサー?). In his feral rage, he ended up damaging some of his own treasures as well. Luckily, he was purified by the new Shepherd, Sorey. Now back in his own head, Sorey and his friends give him some space while he works things out. He is then approached by Edna, who says they need help shooting down a Drake making the plague of malevolence worse. In hopes that the townspeople will appreciate art again once they are back on their feet, Atakk agrees to help out. Sorey armatizes with Mikleo, and Atakk boosts their power, giving them the edge they need to stun the dragon. Using the flames of purification, Sorey reverts the Drake to the original guardian seraph of Marlind, Rohan. Using a yet-uncorrupted tree as a vessel, Atakk boosts Rohan's power so he can restore his domain and extend his blessing.

In Tales of Berseria, Atakk inhabits the Normin Island and explains to Velvet Crowe's group that normin love headwear. He desires a sturdy helmet in the future.

Appearance and Personality

Atakk is a black Normin wearing a golden, winged helmet. He is often approaching Lailah, who continues to reject his advances.

Other Appearances

Tales of Zestiria the X

In Tales of Zestiria the X, Atakk is first seen when Mikleo is attacked by hellions. To make sure they both escape, Atakk boosts Mikleo's power so he can fight them off. Eventually, they part ways so Mikleo can bring his Divine Artifact to Sorey.