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Atoli (TotR).png
Appearance .hack Series
Tales of the Rays
Age 16
Height 161 cm
Race Human
Occupation Member of Canard
Weapon Staff
Japanese Voice Actor Ayako Kawasumi

Atoli (アトリ Atori?) is the avatar of Chigusa Kusaka (日下千草 Kusaka Chigusa?), a character from the .hack franchise who makes a cameo appearance in Tales of the Rays.


Chigusa Kusaka lives in the Chiba prefecture. During middle school, she was bullied frequently. Her parents harassed her about her failing grades, her loud and noisy attitude (their belief was that girls should be quiet), and her decision to wear designer clothing one day. This led to her shutting herself in her room and browsing suicide websites, which is where she met Sakaki, who befriended her. Around the time she entered high school, Sakaki suggested for her to join The World.

Chigusa also bears several marks on her left wrist from failed suicide attempts. After playing The World and meeting Haseo, she has stopped attempting to end her life.

Appearance and Personality

Atoli is almost an identical twin to Shino, due to sharing the same character model, the only differences being her hair, and the lack of a teardrop shaped mark, along with a more colorful outfit. Her appearance is that of a young blonde woman. She wears a small green dress, a short white wing-shaped mantle on her back, white stockings, and a white hat. Her wave symbol is on her hat, and between the fake wings. She wields a staff in combat.

Atoli Icon (TotR).png

Atoli is a pacifist and is seen as very naive. She is very sweet-natured, optimistic, and kind. She sees The World as being more like an alternate reality instead of just an online game. She is deeply devoted to helping others and can't understand why everybody can't just get along and enjoy the game together. As a member of Moon Tree's Second Division she serves under Sakaki. She frequently finds herself torn between her obedience to her Captain, and her friendship with Haseo. She appears to harbor affections for Haseo, and is one of the major characters into softening his heart. However, underneath the facade she puts on in The World, she is actually a very depressed teenager. She was once a social outcast who didn't fit in with anyone and was subsequently rejected by her so called friends. After meeting Haseo, Atoli's personality has changed dramatically, from where she's scared to stand alone, to the point where she's willing to fight for her own sake and now holds beliefs of her own.

Fighting Style

Cut-in image for Tales of the Rays.

In Tales of the Rays, Atoli wields the Spell Xialin staff, and uses magic artes derived from Harvest Cleric abilities in the .hack series. Atoli is more of a support unit than a fighter, having mostly healing artes, and only two offensive artes at her disposal, both derived from the Shadow Warlock abilities from the same series: Zan Rom and Lei Zas.

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