Atwight Eks
Atwight Eks
Game Tales of Destiny
Tales of Destiny 2
Race Er'ther
Occupation Colonel, Er'ther Medical Corps
Weapon Swordian Atwight
Japanese Voice Actor Emi Uwagawa
Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata

Atwight Eks (アトワイト・エックス Atowaito Ekkusu?) is the personality of the Swordian of Water, most recognized as the Swordian who serves Rutee Katrea in Tales of Destiny. Atwight has been with Rutee since she was very young, but Rutee is unable to remember when she received the Swordian. Kind and resourceful, Atwight practically raised Rutee and acts as a calming influence on Dymlos Timber, a fellow Swordian. She served as Medical Corps Colonel during the Aeth'er Wars.


Atwight was a physician for Laville Clemente, a hero and fellow Swordian. While in her human guise, she was also in love with Dymlos, a Division Commander in the 1st Er'ther Army who would later go on to become the Swordian of Rutee's future husband, Stahn Aileron. Before her death, Chris Katrea charged Atwight with watching over her daughter and protecting her, a promise Atwight kept until she was destroyed while breaking apart the Eye of Atamoni. She loves the girl as a mother would her daughter and tries her best to keep her out of trouble, though it is not always effective. Atwight is kind and patient but will tell Rutee her true opinion on matters no matter what the girl thinks.

Fighting Style

True to her human counterpart's abilities as a medic, Atwight is the only healing-oriented Swordian. She is uniquely capable of single-target and group healing, and she can provide support through her status boosts and de-buffs. Through her Water-elemental focus, Atwight has a fair selection of Water-elemental attack spells imbued with the chance of causing enemies to fall asleep when hit by her attacks. Despite the curvature of her design as a sword, her partner Rutee uses her primarily as a piercing weapon, choosing to stab enemies with the tip of Atwight's blade in most of her melee attacks.


Atwight (ToD PS2).jpg
Artwork for Tales of Destiny (PS2). 
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Artwork for Tales of Kizna. 

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