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Auj Oule
Kanbalar (ToX) 2.jpg
Game Tales of Xillia
Tales of Xillia 2
World Rieze Maxia
Region Northern Hemisphere
Capital Kanbalar
Ruler King Gaius

Auj Oule (ア・ジュール A Juuru?) is one of the two countries of Rieze Maxia in Tales of Xillia and Tales of Xillia 2. The country occupies the mountainous northern hemisphere of the world under the rule of King Gaius and is frequently involved in power struggles with the neighboring country of Rashugal.


Auj Oule lies to the north of the great bay that separates it from Rashugal. To the west, it connects to its southern neighbor through Fezebel Marsh, an autonomous area that has become notorious for its dangerous terrain. To the north of Fezebel Marsh lie the Sillea Tundra (セイライ冷原?) and Tulea Tundra (トウライ冷原?). The Sillea Tundra connects to a lava-filled cavern known as the Nala Lava Tubes, while the Tulea Tundra connects to the Kukhar Ice Caverns. Both areas spill into the Xailen Woods (ザイラの森?), which yields the Xailen Woods Temple, a neighboring infrastructure to Kanbalar, the large snowy capital of Auj Oule.

The Mon Highlands (モン高原?) connect Kanbalar with Xian Du, another large mountain city, adorned in culture. To the northeast of the city, deeper within the mountains, lie the Royal Hunting Grounds (王の狩り場?), which kings of Auj Oule have used for generations, and Labari Hollow, a desolate area that has been used to privately conduct booster research. To the southwest of Xian Du, the Lakutam Seahaven, a port, is connected by Lakutam Highroad (ラコルム街道?). The area is painted in a beautiful sunset spirit clime.

The Xagut Floodmeadow (ソグド湿道?), a wetland, is positioned directly south of Xian Du, connecting to the spiritual village of Nia Khera, where Maxwell is said to reside. The Nia Khera Spiritway (ニ・アケリア参道?) leads from the village to both Milla's Shrine and the Nia Khera Hallowmont. East of Nia Khera rests the Kijara Seafalls, which is bathed in a water spirit clime and connects to the village of Hamil through Galia Trail (ガリー間道?). Finally, Aladhi Trail (イラート間道?) pours down from Hamil into the Aladhi Seahaven, the country's other port.


  • Hamil - A remote village with a small population governed by a mayor.
  • Nia Khera - A spiritual place where the people live isolated from the world. It is said to be the home of Maxwell.
  • Milla's Shrine - The shrine of Milla Maxwell, who is revered by the people of Nia Khera to be the "Lord of Spirits".
  • Xian Du - A highly cultural city built within the mountains and yields a large coliseum.
  • Kanbalar - The capital of Auj Oule and home to the nation's castle. It lies in a particularly cold region of the country.
  • Xialen Woods Temple - An abandoned shrine located near Kanbalar.
  • Aladhi Seahaven - One of the country's two ports.
  • Lakutam Seahaven - The country's other port town.

Kijara Seafalls

The alluring scenery of the Kijara Seafalls.

A waterfall in the mountains of Auj Oule that possesses a unique spirit clime.

The Kijara Seafalls (キジル海爆?) is an area known for its unique water spirit clime, making it abundant in waterfalls, sand, and bodies of water. The falls are located to the east of Nia Khera; northwest of Hamil, connected by Galia Trail; and north of a large water basin that spills into the continent's central bay. The region is distinguishable by its tall, curved rock monuments that hover above the small beaches below, adorned with palm trees. The overt aquatic environment, compared to surrounding regions, is due to its water-clime, which likewise provides the area with a bright and pleasant climate.

Jude Mathis, Milla, and Alvin venture through the Kijara Seafalls fairly early in the story. Having just escaped from the capital Fennmont, as well the country of Rashugal entirely, the group seeks to visit Nia Khera, where Milla hopes to recall the Four Great Spirits, having lost their power somehow back in Fennmont. Passing through Hamil and Galia Trail, the trio makes their way to the seaside dungeon, where they are ambushed by Presa of the Chimeriad, who was on her way to Fennmont when news of Milla's escape came to her. Milla, temporarily separated from Jude and Alvin, is ensnared in a magical trap by Presa, who uses the spell to elevate Milla in the air and search her for the key to the Lance of Kresnik, which she stole back in Fennmont.

Presa finds the key but does not recognize its new shape, tossing it aside. Jude and Alvin then catch up to Milla and are taunted by Presa, who intendeds to take Milla with her. Alvin, who recognizes Presa, demands she release Milla, but Jude notices an unusual rock on a cliff nearby, whispering to Alvin that he should try shooting it. Alvin fires at the rock with his gun, revealing a large monster that attacks swiftly, prompting Presa to release Milla and flee. The trio then defeats the monster and continues on their way to Nia Khera.

Labari Hollow

A facility that was built to exploit the area's natural terrain, but has since been reduced to a monster nest.

Labari Hollow (リーベリー岩孔?) is an area accessible from Xian Du via the Royal Hunting grounds. Not long ago, there was a research lab located in the area, where booster testing was conducted. Trial subjects were mostly orphaned children, one notoriously being the protagonist Elize Lutus. Exodus destroyed the facility eight years ago. The group pursues Alvin and Elize here after several people were killed in an attack in Xian Du, Exodus revealed to be responsible. Venturing deep within the abandoned area, they find Alvin and Elize in a cavern. Alvin is slightly injured, while Elize mourns Teepo's loss of "personality" following an Exodus member tinkering with him.

As they leave, they encounter Jiao of the Chimeriad, who explains that Elize grew up in Labari Hollow after being sold to the facility by Isla. Alvin then explains that Teepo is a third-generation booster, meaning his words have been Elize's thoughts this entire time. Teepo, therefore, expresses her hidden thoughts, as well as her subconsciousness. Teepo asks Jiao where Elize's parents are, and he tells her that they were killed by a robber when she was four-years-old. Later in the story, Isla flees here after Alvin interrogates her about the death of his mother. She falls from one of the bridges to commit suicide but survives. However, she remains psychologically unstable and seems to be trapped in her past. She is taken care of by Yurgen Kitarl, her fiance.

Nia Khera Hallowmont

The foreboding Nia Khera Hallowmont.

A mountain that towers over Nia Khera, and is said to be the point closest to the spirit world.

The Nia Khera Hallowmont (ニ・アケリア霊山?) is a towering mountain located near the town of Nia Khera. It is a sacred place that can be reached through the back of Milla's shrine. The ascent of the steep rock walls is made possible via ivy vines. However, the monsters here are particularly dangerous. The protagonists visit the Hallowmont after Gaius expresses to them that the true Maxwell lives in the Spirit Realm. Since the Hallowmont is a holy place, especially for the inhabitants of Nia Khera, who admire and worship Milla, Gaius presumes there is a way to the spirit world via the sacred peak, which he himself visits in search of this connection as well.

At the summit, the group encounters Alvin, as well as Agria and Presa of the Chimeriad. Behind them is a dimensional rift fashioned by Muzét, who is now obeying Gaius's orders because Maxwell ignores her. Alvin joins the group in fighting against Agria and Presa, both of whom are willing to die to allow Gaius enough time in succeeding with his plans. After the battle, part of the peak breaks, and Agria and Presa fall to their deaths despite the group's attempt to save them.


Tradition and Culture

Auj Oule is a country rich in culture and spirituality. Despite not having any organized religion, cults and legends play a vital role in shaping the country's faith. Like Rashugal, the people of Auj Oule revere spirits, but their mystical appear has lessened since their discovery, putting spirit faith in decline in spite of enduring traditions. One such tradition that is held sacred in Auj Oule is that of Milla Kresnik, commonly mistaken as a man known as "Kresnik the Genesis Sage", and her fight with the Chimera, a beast of legend that has since become a symbol of the country. In Nia Khera, faith in Maxwell, the Lord of Spirits, is particularly strong, with a small community that passes on the teachings of Maxwell's creation of Rieze Maxia. There is a shrine dedicated to Maxwell on the village's outskirts that houses a family of shamans that have been serving there for generations.

Despite belonging officially to Auj Oule, Nia Khera remains disconnected from the remainder of the world, with little contact between it and neighboring settlements. In Xian Du, two Great Spirits are notably revered: Efreet of Fire, who is considered to be the guardian of warriors, and Undine of Water, who is said to guide the souls of deceased warriors into the afterlife. Legends involving the reincarnation of souls explain the large statues of past warriors erected throughout the city. The tradition of statue building is approximately six-hundred-years-old.

Other customs in Xian Du include prayer pennants, which are hung with a wish from the person who made them, and sword lilies, which are exclusive to the Kitarl Clan (キタル族の Kitaru-zoku no?, "Kitarl Tribe") and offered to warriors prepared to fight in the city's large coliseum that hangs between cliffs in the distance. Its location is noteworthy because warriors must cross the river below by boat in order to reach it, a spiritual way of purifying themselves. Pluto, the Great Spirit of Eternity, was once worshiped in the Xailen Woods Temple near Kanbalar, but the temple is now abandoned and a legend indicates that Maxwell sealed Pluto within the temple ages ago.

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