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  • Baticul, the Capital of Light (光の王都バチカル?) - Built using fonic technology, Baticul is the largest city in the world. Rule by King Ingobert the Sixth.
  • Engeve, the Grocer's Hamlet (食料の村エンゲーブ?) - A village in Malkuth blessed with the bounty of nature. Ships its foods to Chesedonia for export to the far corners of the world.
  • Kaitzur, the Border Fortress (国境の砦カイツール?) - Located on the boundary between Kimlasca and Malkuth. A passport is required to pass this checkpoint. Has a demilitarized zone.
  • Kaitzur Naval Port (カイツールの軍港?) - This port's main function is the shipment of supplies to Kaitzur. A base for the Kimlascan forces is located here.
  • Chesedonia, the Center of Trade (流通拠点ケセドニア?) - The only city located on a national border. Enjoys autonomy due to the backing of the Order of Lorelei. Boasts an active market.
  • Desert Oasis (砂漠のオアシス?) - An oasis in the center of the Zao Desert. Located in Kimlasca but governed by Chesedonia. Offers sanctuary for weary travelers.
  • Yulia City, the Watcher's Home (ユリアシティ?) - Created before the Outer Lands rose, its existence is known only by the Lorelei Order's elite. Its leaders protect the Score.
  • Daath, Headquarters of the Order of Lorelei (ローレライ教団総本山ダアト?) - Holds a neutral position between Kimlasca and Malkuth. The Maestros and Fon Master Ion, the voice of Daath, read the Score.
  • Daath Bay - Mostly used by those on a pilgrimage to Daath, but also serves as a stop for cargo ships. Governed by the Order of Lorelei.
  • Grand Chokmah, the Floating Capital (水上の帝都グランコクマ?) - Malkuth's floating capital. A beautiful city covered in aqueducts where fonic artes thrive. Ruled by Emperor Peony the Ninth.
  • Sheridan, the City of Craftsmen (職人の町シェリダン?) - Famous for fonic technology and devices, this is the birthplace of the Tartarus and Albiore. Also known for rare accessories.
  • Port Sheridan (シェリダン港?) - A harbor which exports goods to Sheridan. A ferry to Kimlasca also leaves from this port.
  • Keterburg, the Silver World (銀世界ケテルブルク?) - The world's largest resort. Located in Malkuth. Famous for its flashy casino, decadent hotel, and beautiful vacation homes.
  • Keterburg Bay (ケテルブルク港?) - A necessary stopover for those wishing to travel to Keterburg. Ferries make frequent stops here to accommodate the wealthy visitors.
  • Belkend (ベルケンド?), the City of Fon Machines - Research related to fonons and fonic devices is done here. Van's replica research is also carried out in secret.
  • Port Belkend (ベルケンド港?) - Founded mainly to accept shipments of supplies for Belken. The small amount of ferries stopping here is due to the lack of visitors.
  • Nam Cobanda Isle, the Hidden City - An island run by the Dark Wings. Difficult to access due to its tight security. Fonic technology and artes are a common sight here.


  • Tataroo Valley (タタル渓谷?) - A valley almost completely untouched by man. Home to the very rare selenia flower, which only blooms at night.
  • Cheagle Woods (チーグルの森?) - A forest inhabited by the sacred cheagles. The tree in which the cheagles live produces a pollen that keeps predators away.
  • Fubras River (フーブラス川?) - A river crossing the continent of Rugnica. The nearby plains are spotted with Padanese crystals formed by unstable fonons.
  • Choral Castle (コーラル城?) - A vacation home owned by Duke Fabre which was abandoned when the war began 16 years ago. Luke was found here 7 years ago.
  • Zao Ruins (ザオ遺跡?) - Appears to be nothing more than ruins, but actually holds an underground city which served as a place of refuge from war in the Dawn Age.
  • Ortion Cavern (ワイヨン鏡窟?) - A cave on the coast of Kimlasca. Also called the "Mirrored Cavern" for its mirrorstone, an ore that reflects fonic artes.
  • Aramis Spring (アラミス湧水洞?) - Caverns that formed over hundreds of years. The deepest section of the water is part of the Yulia Road leading to the Qliphoth.
  • Theor Forest (テオルの森?) - A forest on a path leading to Grand Chokmah. A checkpoint guarded by Malkuth soldiers is located here.
  • Meggiora Highlands (メジオラ高原?) - A barren stretch a land where hardly anything grows. Usually avoided by humans. Several monster sightings have been reported here.
  • Shurrey Hill (シュレーの丘?) - Home to ruins that guard a Sephiroth supporting the Outer Lands. The entrance has been hidden with a special fonic arte.
  • Inista Marsh (イニスタ湿原?) - The world's largest wetlands, located on the Aberrian continent. Use raflessia pollen to keep man-eating monsters away.
  • Mt. Roneal (ロニール雪山?) - Part of a mountain range running from the northwest of Sylvana to the southeast. Fierce snowstorms are common in the northwest.
  • Absorption Gate (アブソーブゲート?) - The point where memory particles from the Planet Storm return to the core. The mix of snow and particles gives it an unearthly appearance.
  • Mt. Zaleho (ザレッホ火山?) - An active volcano where ruins protecting a Sephiroth are located. Can be accessed from Daath with a fonic glyph.
  • Isle of Feres (フェレス島廃墟群?) - Hod's sister city, governed previously by Malkuth. was destroyed by a tidal wave that appeared after Hod's destruction.
  • Tower of Rem (レムの塔?) - A tower that was abandoned before construction finished. Was intended as a way to leave the planet should the Outer Lands fail.
  • Radiation Gate (ラジエイトゲート?) - The point where memory particles from the Planet Storm leave the core. The remains of ancient monsters can be found here.
  • Eldrant, the Glorious Land (栄光の大地エルドラント?) - Based on the ruined city of Hod, this replica was created by Van using the power of Yulia. Floats in the sky.
  • Mushroom Road - A forest made completely of mushrooms. The Rugnican death cap, a medicinal mushroom, can be found here.
  • Nebilim's Crag - A stone wall located in the depths of Mt. Roneal that is covered in a mysterious fonic glyph. Gives off an ominous fonic power.
  • The Abyss/Fomicry Research Facility (Abyss Replica Facility) - Located in the depths of the Ortion Cavern. The remains of Dist's questionable experiments have been left here.