Aselia Wiki
Appearance Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology
Height 175 cm
Weight 56 kg
Race Human
Occupation Descender
Weapon Butterflies
Japanese Voice Actor Yuuko Gotou
Character Designer Daigo Okumura

Aurora (アウロラ?) is an antagonist in Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology, and the Descender of an unnamed world which became a part of Gilgulim. Before she is seen in person, she speaks with Widdershin several times.


Aurora was a Descender of another world, where they were constantly fighting for more mana, which weakened the World Tree. She did her best to protect the people and keep the World Tree alive, but soon thereafter, realizing there was not much mana to take from the World Tree, the people left, leaving her behind. Rejected and angry, she was eventually found by Widdershin. Believing his ideals to merge all worlds into one, eternal world, she offered her own world before following him. They soon found Kanonno in the world of Pasca, and offered her as well.

After Kanonno is blown away by the World Tree in Terresia, Aurora is positioned in Gavada, an area in Terresia where the mana supply is minimal. Thanks to her introduction of magitechnology, she gains the city's trust, and is put high in power, almost equal to the mayor. However, Ad Libitum opposes her ideals, as they understand how the magitechnology will severely weaken the World Tree. Harold Berselius attempts to prove this to the town's people, and although they believe her to be crazy, Aurora lures her out of town and into Aelderwood, where she leaves her to die. Some days later, Aurora hears that some of Gavada's soldiers have begun doubting her magitechnology, as they realize it requires too much mana. She summons a hybrid monster to kill the soldiers, which is the first time she meets the Protagonist and Mormo. Shortly after a battle between the heroes and another monster, she leaves, and because the soldiers survived, Gavada no longer follows Aurora's magitechnology.

Aurora’s last moments are spent guarding the last level of the Foot of the World Tree. When the Protagonist, Mormo, and Kanonno arrive, Aurora tells them her story as a Descender, and also offers Kanonno a chance to come back to them, but to no avail. Once defeated, she states the only thing Widdershin and herself want is to create a new world, and perishes.

Appearance and Personality

Aurora wears a black and orange, butterfly-influenced outfit with small blue linings. She is calm, yet sinister, and she looks down on others, especially the people of Gavada.

Fighting Style

Aurora fights alongside two plant monsters, and is able to teleport across the battlefield with ease. She uses unnamed, butterfly-style artes which send small butterflies to attack, some of which are able to cause physical ailments. She is also capable of using Dark-elemental spells, such as Nightmare, Shadow Edge, and Demon's Lance.