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Aurora Wall (極光壁 Kyokkouheki?) is a mystic arte used by Reid Hershel in several games in the Tales series.

Arte Description and History[]

In Tales of Eternia, Aurora Wall is one of Reid's Divine Aurora artes, obtained after completing the first trial of Seyfert. The attack can be activated only while Reid is in critical health, at less than 15% of his max HP. Upon activation, he calls on the power of his "divine aurora" by shrouding himself in with a massive burst of light, which deals many hits to all surrounding enemies. He then jumps into the air while the surrounding energy sends out three final waves of damage. The final jump can be canceled and extended into Aurora Sword by pressing the Attack button at the correct moment.

Before Reid learns this arte, however, Ras is the first to display it. When the party goes to Balir Castle to face Balir, the source of the Grand Fall, they discover that he has been dead for years and that his consort, Shizel, has been behind everything. After the party faces her in battle, Shizel plans to use the Dark Aurora to wipe them from existence, only for Ras to come onto the scene. Shizel unleashes her arte at the same time as Ras uses Aurora Wall. Ras manages to save the party at the cost of his own life, using his final act to give the party the Seyfert Key. Afterward, Galenos reveals that Ras did not finish the Trials of Seyfert, which is why he lost to Shizel. If he had completed them, he would have obtained Aurora Wave and been able to counter Shizel's Dark Aurora. The Gentleman enemy that wears Ras's hat in the PlayStation 2 releases of Tales of Destiny uses the parody arte Hyahhouheki (ひゃっほう壁?) in reference to this event.

In some Crossover Titles where it appears, Reid's Aurora Wall is actually a merged version of both Aurora Wall and Aurora Sword, but it is named after the extension rather than the base attack and so no manual extension is necessary. The range of the burst of light is dramatically reduced in these games.

In all other appearances, the requirements for activating Aurora Wall have been reduced, typically allowing him to chain it from any arcane arte. The extension into Aurora Sword has been removed, and the animation of Aurora Wall has been modified somewhat, now showing Reid rising into the air at the start of the attack. In his cameo appearance in Tales of the Abyss, this arte has the ability to revive his allies.


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In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes[]

Tales of Eternia[]

Japanese Description: 攻撃・特技・防御ボタンを同時押しすることで発動。HP表示が点滅時のみ使用可能

Tales of the Abyss[]

Japanese Quote: 俺だて...負けられない!
Romanized Quote: Ore da te... Makearenai!
Localized Quote: "I will not... lose!"

Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology[]

Japanese Quote: はあああ!極光壁!!
Localized Quote: "Aaaah! Aurora Wall!"

Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2[]

Japanese Quote: はあああ!極光壁!
Romanized Quote: Haaaah! Kyokkouheki!

Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3[]

Japanese Quote: 俺だて...負けられない!はああ!極光壁!
Romanized Quote: Ore da te... Makearenai! Haaah! Kyokkouheki!
Translated Quote: "I will not... lose! Haaah! Kyokkouheki!"