Infinity Reviver (ToE)

Infinity Reviver as it appears in Tales of Eternia.

Aurora Wave (極光波 Kyokkouha?, "Aurora Wave"[1]) is one of the Divine Skills that Reid Hershel from Tales of Eternia is able to obtain, made for him alone.

Arte Description and History

Reid can only use Aurora Wave in the battle against Shizel and Nereid, where he uses it to counter their Dark Aurora artes, turning their damaging darkness into healing light. Upon usage, this arte takes on different names and appearances depending on which Dark Aurora arte it is countering. When used to counter Eternal Finality, it becomes Eternal Infinity (エターナル・インフィニティ Etaanaru Infiniti?) and blocks Eternal Finality's sword with a wall of light, which converts the sword into a beam that heals all allies. When used against Finality DeadEnd, it becomes Infinity Reviver (インフィニティ・リヴァイヴァー Infiniti Rivaivaa?), described as the Undulation of Whirling Light (紡がれし光の波動 Tsumugareshi Hikari no Hadou?). Infinity Reviver turns Finality DeadEnd's explosions into trails of light, which swirl around Nereid before exploding.


Mothership Titles

Mothership Titles

Mothership Titles


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