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Awakening (覚醒 Kakusei?) is a recurring gameplay mechanic in the Tales series that increases a character's effectiveness in battle. In Tales of Innocence, it has parallels to the Over Limit system, while in Mobile Titles, it is more akin to a permanent upgrade.

Appearances in Original Titles

Tales of Innocence

Awakening is the state that a character enters when their Tension Gauge hits the maximum. While in this state, the characters gains bonuses such as increased attack power, casting speed, and movement speed, as well as decreased TP consumption. Pressing the "L" and "R" buttons while in the Awakening state allows the player to perform the Infinity Jam, where the player can freely switch between characters and rapidly attack the enemy without pause. Awakening is also the name of the skill that allows character access to their mystic artes while in this state.

Tales of Luminaria

Awakening is the state that Celia Arvier enters once her SP gauge fills to its maximum. In this state, all of her arrows automatically awaken, providing increased damage, having homing properties as well as the ability to penetrate the target. Her SP gauge will steadily decrease, and she will exit the state once it empties.

Appearances in Crossover Titles

Tales of Link

Awakening is the process by which certain 5★ units can be upgraded to their 6★ forms. It is split into two types: EX ( Shin?, "True") and P ( Chikara?, "Power"); EX awakenings are better than P awakenings but involve units only available for a limited time, while units with P awakenings are typically common. Both types of awakenings require the unit to be awakened to be at the maximum level, which includes all limit breaks, as well as a large amount of Gald and materials. Awakening the unit returns it to level 1, but the 6★ unit has increased maximum stats, better skills, and a new passive to unlock. EX awakenings also have unique artwork.

Tales of Asteria

Awakening is the process by which certain 5★ units can be upgraded to their 6★ forms. Awakening a unit requires unit-specific partner characters as well as certain materials. Awakened units have special EX skills that boost the party's performance as well as access to a second level of mystic arte that requires their Over Limit gauge to be filled a second time.

There are two types of units that can be awakened. "True Transformation" (真化 Shinka?) units only require three of their respective "True Transformation Crystals" (真化結晶 Shinkakesshou?) to awaken. "Awakening" (覚醒 Kakusei?) units, however, require even more items to awaken, including a separate "Partner" (パートナー Paatonaa?) unit. At this stage, the second level of mystic arte is more theatrical than the first level. Once this is achieved, the unit can undergo a "Bond Awakening" (絆・覚醒 Kizuna Kakusei?), having the same amount as required previously. At this stage, the unit can be equipped with a Bond Soul (絆ソウル Kizuna Souru?), which if max-leveled, can allow the unit to take on the Bond Soul's respective element.

Tales of the Rays

Awakening is a way to increase the strength of a unit. A unit is awakened when the player either obtains the unit's mirrage from the gacha or by expending awakening materials. Awakened units gain an additional 500 HP as well as the ability to equip a second, sub mirrage, whose power is added to the main mirrage. They also gain updated artwork.

Tales of Crestoria

In Tales of Crestoria, Awakening refers to the concept of expending Memoria Stones of a unit in question to raise their max HP, ATK, and DEF. When five copies of the same Memoria Stones are expended on the associated unit, that unit becomes awakened and has their Max Skill unlocked. Awakening units with access to a mystic arte also increases the level of that mystic arte.