Ayla Portrait (ToF1).gif
Game Tales of Eternia
Age 26
Height 164 cm
Weight 49 kg
Race Celestian
Occupation Adjutant of the Shileska Freedom Army
Japanese Voice Actor Chizu Yonemoto

Ayla (アイラ Aira?) is a supporting character in Tales of Eternia. When she was 17-years-old, she was saved by Max, which motivated her to save lives herself and join the Shileska Freedom Army, though Max does not remember saving Ayla. Serving as Max's adjutant, she is unwavering in her loyalty to him as his immediately subordinate officer. Despite her feelings for Max, she understands that he still loves and deeply misses his wife.



  • Ayla's bust, waist, and hip measurements, in centimeters, are 89-63-90.
  • Ayla is one of the characters from Tales of Eternia who makes an appearance in Tales of Fandom Vol.1.

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