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Ayn Felice
Ayn Felice.jpg
Appearance Tales of Zestiria
Residences Tintagel Ruins
Race Human
Occupation Merchant Assassin
Japanese Voice Actor Ami Koshimizu
English Voice Actor Natalie Hoover (ToZtX)

Ayn Felice (アン・フィル An Firu?) is a supporting character in Tales of Zestiria. She, along with her twin brother Ayn Talfryn, are members of the Sparrowfeathers merchant guild and Scattered Bones assassin guild.


Felice is first met at the entrance to Ladylake, where the Sparrowfeathers' carriage has broken down. She later appears again in the Tintagel Ruins, which the Sparrowfeathers use as their hideout. Along with Talfryn, Felice encounters Rose at a couple various points in the story to help her.

Appearance and Personality

Felice is a young woman with red hair who dresses in typical merchanting garb suitable for travel. Her attire happens to mirror that of her brother's, with whom she is often seen. The two admire Rose a great deal and always seem to be interested in helping her.