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Azide Silver
Azide Silver.jpg
Appearance Tales of Hearts
Age 29
Race Organican
Occupation Colonel
Japanese Voice Actor Kenyuu Horiuchi
Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata
"Silver" redirects here. This article is about the character from Tales of Hearts. For the character from Tales of Berseria who shares the name "Silver" in Japanese, see Silva.

Azide Silver (アイザック・シルバ Aizakku Shiruba?, "Isaac Silver") is a minor antagonist in Tales of Hearts.


In his youth, Silver went to the same school as Ines Lorenzen, as her senior. He is also a part of the Maximus Empire. Three years prior to the events of the game, his wife Perl died in a weapons test, while his daughter, Lapis, was rendered comatose. Silver knew that the weapon was flawed, but the upper brass did not listen to him. He later sides with Incarose, desiring Mineran technology to revive his daughter while also seeking revenge against the Empire.

For much of his role in the story, Silver interacts with the party under the guise of Garnet, by helping them escape Straga when needed and hiding from the knights there. Still under this guise, he eventually has Ines lead Kohaku Hearts right into his trap, and he reveals his true identity. They then depart for Lingatore Garrison, where he holds her captive and has Geocron Strigav torture her to spill the secrets of her Spiria.

The party eventually catches up to him, and he merges with a xerom before fighting the party. After being defeated, his body begins to calcify due to the strain, but with self-reflection and his bond with Ines, he is able the recover, the first known case of calcification being reversed. Unfortunately, he is in turn stabbed by Incarose in revenge and dies with Ines at his side. Silver's death angers Kor Meteor to the point of releasing the seal on Creed Graphite in his Spiria.

Appearance and Personality

Azide is a gruff looking man, complete with silver hair, an eyepatch, and a beard. He generally dons his military armor; a grey outfit with black and red highlights. As a boss, he becomes slightly grotesque. His skin becomes the same shade as his armor, and vines grow over his right shoulder, with a xerom-esque feel to it.

Fighting Style

Azide is primarily a melee fighter, and attacks by striking with his spear. He possesses an assortment of artes that have a dark aura to them, making him Dark-elemental.


  • Azide is the first person to ever have the calcification process reversed.