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Ba'ul (ToV).png
Appearance Tales of Vesperia
Race Entelexeia

Ba'ul (バウル Bauru?) is the flying, whale-like Entelexeia partner of Judith and the youngest known Entelexeia.


Ba'ul and Judith have been companions since she was very young. The Krityans who lived on Mt. Temza feared Ba'ul, believing him to be a dangerous monster, but Judith did not view him this way, befriending him instead. Ba'ul saved Judith during the Great War, which occurred ten years prior to the events of the story. Ba'ul is Judith's transportation, and when she speaks of her partner, she is referring to Ba'ul. He travels with her, sensing the disturbance of aer and bring her to blastia, which she destroys. Later, when Ba'ul is trying to evolve at Mt. Temza, Judith guards him, knowing he is vulnerable due to his injuries. Tison and Nan attempt to kill him, but the group protects him, and he evolves into a large enough form to carry the Fiertia.

Appearance and Personality

Ba'ul as he originally appeared.

In the beginning of the story, Ba'ul is relatively small compared to other Entelexeia due to his young age, most people instantly mistook him for a dragon. However, after his evolution on Mt. Temza, he grows substantially, appearing similar in size to other Entelexeia. Ba'ul frequently communicates with Judith, though is initially shy toward other party members. Later in the story, he begins expressing his thoughts and opinions on the matters at hand, albeit through Judith, and thoroughly understands the dire nature of the events during the story.


  • In Tales of Graces, there is a Ba'ul doll that can be given to a sick girl in Zavhert. Tales of Xillia continues this trend with customizable attachments that anyone in the party can equip.