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Babilograd, the Sky-facing Town (空臨む町バビログラード Kounozomumachi Babiroguraado?) is a religious city located on the unnamed peninsula extending from the southern tip of Calegia's western continent in Tales of Rebirth.


Babilograd sits high in the mountains and is somewhat difficult to reach because of this. Climbers' Cavern carves through the southern part of the mountains, granting access to the city, but the more convenient method of reaching the city is through Babilograd Harbor, which is positioned just north of the city on the ground and next to the sea. A lift is used to transfer people and cargo between the city and its harbor. The harbor is the closest port to the Balkan sub-continent, making it the primary source of transfer with the kingdom's capital. In Babilograd, religious influence is heavy due to the Blue Beast Faith (蒼獣信仰?, "Beast Animal Faith"), and there is a strict custom that forbids men and women from speaking to each other, apart from within family. Additionally, young girls are required to conceal their faces. A large temple dedicated to the religion sit just north of the city, surrounded by beautiful waterfalls.


The group first travels to Babilograd in order to board a ship to Balka, having been unsuccessful everywhere else they visited. In order to reach the city's port, it is required to ride a lift that lowers passengers and cargo to Babilograd Harbor, which sits next to the sea. At the lift, the group notices the lift manager acting strangely and determines that Walto of the Four Stars has used his Force in order to manipulate the man. Eugene Gallardo mentions how Walto has a "distaste for needlessly manipulating people with his Force" and that "it is always his custom to void the suggestion once it has served its purpose". Doing so "removes all traces of his actions", but a collaborator is normally required in order to accomplish this. The group then discovers that those assisting the city's priest have been acting strangely as well lately, leading them to investigate further.

After meeting with the priest, they find he is also being manipulated, an elaborate scheme devised by Walto in order to allow his plan be enacted without him being forced to remain nearby. The group manages to unravel the scheme by discovering the phrases used to trigger and dispel the effects of Walto's Force. This process begins with a priest's assistant, who has no recollection of his actions earlier in the day, leaving the group to believe that the priest says a particular phrase to trigger and dispel this suggestion. Upon learning the phrase for the lift manager, they convince him to allow them to ride the lift down to Babilograd Harbor. At the lift, the priest arrives and is freed from his manipulation by hearing the sound of the lift being operated, being part of Walto's stratagem to remove all evidence of his actions.

At the port, the group confronts Walto, who is impressed with their ability to crack his code so quickly. Walto is accompanied by Militsa, another member of the Four Stars, and in their captivity is a number of the abducted Huma girls, including Tytree Crowe's sister, Selena Crowe. Walto asks that Militsa create a realm using her Force of Rainbow for the battle that takes place, which they ultimately lose. After the skirmish, Milhaust Selkirk arrives, demanding Walto explain himself for involving civilians in the disturbance. Although Walto fronts a well-executed defense, Milhaust forces him to withdraw, allowing Selena and the other Huma girls to be freed. The group then boards a ship to the Balkan sub-continent.


  • Grad is an Old Slavic word meaning "town", "city", "castle", or "fortified settlement". It can be found at the end of a number of real-world locations.