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Bacchus Sprite (ToD PS2).jpg
Appearance Tales of Destiny
Hometown Lienea
Age 19 (ToD)
Race Er'ther
Japanese Voice Actor •Kazuya Nakai (Drama CD)
•Tetsuya Iwanaga (PS2)

Bacchus (バッカス Bakkasu?) is a supporting character in Tales of Destiny. He is a close friend to Stahn Aileron. By the events of Tales of Destiny 2, he is married to Stahn's sister, Lilith, and has a daughter with her, Rimul.


In the Playstation remake, Bacchus is first seen shopping in Neuestadt, where he states that when Stahn left home, it caused an uproar. When Bacchus asks if he is coming back, Stahn states that he cannot go home just yet. Before leaving, Bacchus asks Stahn to at least write a letter home as soon as possible for Lilith's sake.

Three months later, Bacchus walks up to Stahn, who is running an errand for Lilith. Bacchus comments on how lucky Stahn is to eat Lilith's cooking daily. Reminiscing on how there are other men vying for Lilith's hand, Bacchus gives Stahn a "bargain beef" in an attempt for a head start.

Appearance and Personality

In the Playstation remake, Bacchus has purple hair and wears a uniform of white with an orange vest, and brown shoes. Bacchus is visibly infatuated with Lilith, making attempts to get closer to her.