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Bakwin (ToCrestoria).png
Appearance Tales of Crestoria
Residences Toshimina
Race Human
Occupation King of Toshimina

Bakwin (ビャクレン?) is a supporting character Tales of Crestoria. He is the king to Toshimina and Orwin Granberg's younger brother.


Ever since they were kids, Orwin was exceptional at almost every activity. Bakwin could never match him at anything. This insecurity eventually drove him jealous. Then, for some reason, Orwin suddenly left the castle, leaving the throne open for Bakwin to take it. Despite this sudden change in Orwin's behavior, the brothers seemed to be on good terms, since Bakwin is familiar with Orwin's wife Naya and their daughter Aura.

Bakwin watches through Vision Central as his brother is condemned a transgressor for killing Naya. Knowing that Orwin loved her dearly, Bakwin knew there had to have been a reason for it.

Bakwin is first seen at the cave leading to the library. He first presents himself as a formal figure, then quickly tears it down to speak casually, much to Karvas Blue's dismay, and the rest of the party's shock. He tells the party that he cannot just hand them access to the library on a simple whim. Since they are all transgressors, it would cause a societal uproar. However, they happen to be standing in front of a cave that leads to a sealed emergency door in the back. However, the path is infested with monsters. Afterwards, he has a talk with the rest of the party in private. He tells them that since he saw Vision Central, he knows what happened to Naya, but he cannot ask what happened under the condition he is in. He also explains that while he did not understand at the time, Bakwin claims that he now has a better idea; Orwin gave Bakwin the throne to prevent the latter from being stuck in the former's shadow. Despite what everyone said about him, Orwin endured it for his brother's sake. After talking with the party, he promises Orwin to take care of Aura for him.