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The Balacruf Mausoleum is a location in Tales of Symphonia. The historical ruins are located near Asgard and house the Seal of Wind, where the Summon Spirit Sylph is fought during the story.


When the group enters this historic place after obtaining the "Balacruf Map", they are able to have the Oracle stone appear before them. When Colette Brunel puts her hand on the stone, the door to the mausoleum opens, and they enter. After passing through a trial of traps with the Sorcerer's Ring's new wind ability, the group is able to enter further into the ruins. However, while they are passing through the doors, the assassin known as Sheena Fujibayashi appears outside and makes her way in the mausoleum. Although Noishe attempts to stop her, Sheena summons Corrine to help her. At the roof of the mausoleum, the group fights against the seal's guardian, and after defeating it, Remiel appears before them and bestows upon Colette the Angel Skill Holy Song. After telling the group where to go next, he disappears again, and the group leaves. Near the exit, Sheena confronts them and initiates a fight, which she ultimately loses. After a confusing conversation about saving the world, Sheena disappears, and the group makes their way out.

After Sheena has joined the group, it is possible to make a pact with Sylph, the Summon Spirit of Wind, after the pact with Undine, the Summon Spirit of Water. This can also be done after the group travels to Sylvarant though the Otherworldly Gate. When appearing before the seal, a silhouette with several wings appears before two other fairy-looking creatures emerge from behind the silhouette. They reveal themselves as the Sylph and accept the challenge from the group. After the fight, they make a pact with Sheena, though one of them begs Sheena to keep her vow, as they do not wish to be betrayed again. The pact is then made.


  • Throughout the Balacruf Mausoleum, there are several scripts on the walls that hint at how to successfully complete the trials. They also provide a brief history of the Balacruf Civilization:
    • The world is a giant. Its ruby left hand is the throne of gods. Its emerald right hand is the power of gods. Its pearl white left leg is the calm earth. Its topaz right leg is the rich earth. And its lapis lazuli body is the blue wind princess.
    • The Balacruf are people of the wind. They are born with the wind, live with the Summon Spirit, and become as wind when they die.
    • The great King of Balacruf, Cleo III, died and was reborn as the king of the wind. The king travels the heavens with the Summon Spirit in past, present, and future.
    • The holy seal that extols the king flows from the throne of the gods to the rich earth, travels from the power of gods to the calm earth, and when the blue wind princess is born in the center of the world, the holy seal shall also be complete.
    • That which the blue wind princess protects heads from the throne and across the rich earth, stands upon the calm earth, and gazes up at the power of gods.
    • That which is offered to the throne of gods from the power of gods, makes the rich earth as the calm earth, and arrives at the blue wind princess, will be as if traveling the giant's body in the manner of a clock's hand.
    • The Summon Spirit and the wind that serves it are to be found beyond the carving of the holy seal.