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Balan (ToX).png
Appearance Tales of Xillia
Tales of Xillia 2
Hometown Trigleph
Age •30 (ToX)
•31 (ToX2)
Race Human
Occupation Spyrix Technician
Japanese Voice Actor Takumi Yamazaki

Balan (バラン Baran?) is a supporting character in Tales of Xillia and Tales of Xillia 2. He is Alvin's cousin on his mother, Leticia's, side, as well as a spyrix technician living in Trigleph who is also conducting research on spyrite technology in Helioborg.


Balan is first met in Trigleph after the group is hurled into Elympios through the Dimensional Breach, where he rescues them. Back at his apartment in Trigleph, he offers a welcoming stay to the group after Alvin explains the situation to him. The group is grateful, and they notice almost immediately that Balan walks with a limp, applying a spyrix in order to walk normally. The group hesitates to say anything but ultimately chooses not to, and they soon learn that Balan is a spyrix technician who works in Helioborg nearby.

Not long after these events, Balan leaves for Helioborg and a group of people rush to Trigleph shortly thereafter, informing the group that there has been a disaster in Helioborg. Upon reaching the city, they discover that the Great Spirit Volt has been resurrected there, but because it is not bound to a human, it loses its stability and causes power issues within the Helioborg Fortress, forcing the group to fight the spirit. After defeating it, they successfully manage to tether with it in order to free Balan from a suspended elevator, as well as restore power to the facility.