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Baldo (TotR).png
Appearance Tales of the Rays
Hometown Bifrost
Age 25
Height 182 cm
Weight 66 kg
Race Human (Living Doll)
Occupation Soldier
Weapon Katana
Japanese Voice Actor Kazuyuki Okitsu

Baldo (バルド Barudo?) is a character in Tales of the Rays.


Originally, Baldo was a soldier of Bifrost, until it was massacred during the mirrage wars. Everyone in Bifrost lost their lives, including Baldo himself.

One day, Baldo finds himself resurrected in Mercuria's Living Doll Project, resulting in his soul being inserted into the body of Flynn Scifo. Baldo quickly discovers that Mercuria and Demitrius were reviving the Asgard Empire, which has been performing great misdeeds. As a prototype for the experiment, Flynn still retains his heart core and consciousness which allows the two to communicate. Since Living Dolls also require some compatibility with their new hosts, Baldo shares Flynn's ideas on justice and views the Empire's actions as immoral. The two attempt to convince their superiors to abandon their ambitions, but to no avail. After repeated failures, they resort to sabotage and allying themselves with Mileena Weiss's group. Eventually, Baldo regains his original body and fights with his new allies against Emperor Demitrius's plans.

Appearance and Personality

Baldo has blue eyes and light brown hair tied in a long ponytail by a golden brace. He wears a samurai's robe with three different colors. Light brown on the top, light gray in the middle, and dark on the bottom, with two belts around his waist. Baldo also wears several different necklaces, three different bracelets around his left hand, and a single golden bracelet around his right. As Nazar used to be prince of the Bifrost Kingdom, Baldo holds a high esteem for him, calling him "Nazar-sama" (ナーザ様?).

Fighting Style

Cut-in image for Tales of the Rays.

Baldo uses two different katanas, each in a different color. His artes range from fictional portrayals of iaidou, similar to Asbel Lhant's Sheathed Blade Artes Style, to performing Wind- or Earth-elemental attacks. Each of the katanas are specified for a certain element, one for Wind, and the other for Earth. Baldo also has two arte extensions for when certain artes are used twice, Fuuzetsu for Wind-elemental artes and Houzetsu for Earth-elemental respectively.


  • An official Twitter post initially stated that his name was romanized as "Bardo".[1] However it has since been corrected.
    • Strangely, this has happened a second time since.[2]