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Balka (ToR).jpg
Game Tales of Rebirth
World Calegia
Region Balkan Sub-continent

Balka, the Royal Capital Deep in Mist (霧深き王都バルカ Kirifukai Kiouto Baruka?) is the capital of Calegia in Tales of Rebirth. The large city lies in the center of the Balkan sub-continent, and furthermore, in the center of the kingdom. Being the capital of Calegia, it is home to Calegia Castle, where the royal family resides, protected by the King's Shield.


Balka is large, industrial, and more technologically-advanced than other settlements in the world. The surrounding terrain encourages the formation of mist, but the capital's steam-powered locomotive produces an impressive amount of vapor as it moves, contributing to Balka's gloomy atmosphere. The city is entirely enveloped in fog for about three months of the year. With its large buildings rising into the sky, Balka possesses an array of amenities, and the city's castle compliments its imperial theme. Balka Harbor is located just south of the capital, and Balka Prison, where convicts and those guilty of treason are imprisoned, is located slightly to the northwest. Balka rests just south of Mount Sovereign, which holds an ancestral significance for the royal family and history of the kingdom.


Balka is where Ladras Lindblum used his Force of Moon to spur the Dusk of Ladras across the world around one year prior to the events of the story. Since his death, his daughter, Agarte Lindblum, has assumed power, guided by her adviser, Zilva Madigan. When the group first visits Balka, it is to find and rescue Claire Bennett, who has been chosen by Agarte herself to perform in a ritual that night. Due to high security, the group is forced to sneak into the castle, but they are caught and subsequently sent to Balka Prison, where they manage to escape through the help of the Dark Wings.

When they return to Balka, the group is forced into a fight with Saleh and Tohma and a minor skirmish with Walto and Militsa before reaching the ritual dais that sits at the top of the castle. There, Agarte prepares for the ceremony by chanting to the Divine King. Her body is bathed in light, and Claire is imprisoned in a glowing moon, which prompts Veigue Lungberg to force his way into the ceremony. Zilva has him seized, but he is forced to witness Agarte envelop herself in the moon only to lose control of her power and scream for Zilva's help. The Divine King then appears, introducing himself as Geyorkias, King of the Sacred Beasts. After fighting Geyorkias and seemingly managing to overcome him, the group finds that Agarte is missing, presumably dead, and Claire is unconscious nearby.