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Lord Balseph Battle Portrait (ToA).png
Appearance Tales of Arise
Race Renan
Occupation Lord of Orbus Calaglia
Weapon Axe
Japanese Voice Actor Fumihiko Tachiki
English Voice Actor Jason Vande Brake[1]

Balseph (ビエゾ Biezo?) is the first antagonist of Tales of Arise. He is the Renan lord of Calaglia. His real name is Erwolsey Teldilys (エルウォルゼ・テルディリス Eruworuze Terudirisu?), though he more commonly goes by "Balseph", meaning "wild beast" (猛獣ビエゾ?).


Balseph is one of the Five Lords who compete in the Crown Contest to become Sovereign. He rules over Orbus Calaglia from Glanymede Castle, gathering astral energy by having his Dahnan slaves mine ore that he then sets alight. His master core was stolen by Shionne, which leads to his search for her. Eventually, the Crimson Crows mount an attack on his stronghold, acting as a distraction for Alphen and Shionne to assassinate Balseph himself. He is a formidable foe, but when the battle is taken to his spirit vessel, the gathered astral energy incarnates as a Fire Avatar; Balseph believes this action to be deliberate sabotage on Alphen's and Shionne's part. He is eventually defeated by the pair, cursing Shionne's betrayal of the Renan people. He tries for one last, rage-fueled attack on Shionne, but Alphen counters him and sends him flying into the Fire Avatar's grasp. Within the grip of the incarnated fire energy, Balseph is consumed by flames and withers away.

Appearance and Personality

Balseph is an extremely large, muscular man who wears heavy armor that exposes his torso and wields a large axe. There is a large burn covering the left side of his face. He is a brutish man, treating both his Dahnan slaves and Renan subordinates poorly.

Fighting Style

Balseph wields a giant axe that he uses for powerful swings and cleaves that can rend the earth. He also has mastery over fire, capable of surrounding himself with fiery explosions or spreading a wave of fire across the ground.