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The Bandits' Lair (山賊のアジト Sanzoku no Ajito?, "Bandits' Hideout") is a location in Tales of Legendia. The lair is located just north of the Misty Mountains and is the first area that offers the functionality of the Duct system.


The Bandits' Lair is a large, three-story building made of stone that Moses Sandor and his bandits moved into after he was banished from his village on the Mainland. The outside of the Bandits' Lair is covered with cloth similar to Moses's outfit. The inside of the lair is similar to that of a mine shaft. The entrance of the building has a trap door at the beginning to throw intruders into the basement levels of the area, and it has a back door that leads to Crystal Forest. The basement levels are similar to the upper levels, but they are noticeably much darker. The second story of the building is small trail that leads to a duct that teleports the player to the third story, where Moses's room and the guest room are. Both rooms are covered in piles of treasure that bandits managed to steal and have large windows to see the outside.


Main Quest[]

Senel Coolidge and Will Raynard travel to the Bandits' Lair in order to save Shirley Fennes, who was kidnapped by the bandit leader Moses. When the two arrive, they are greeted by Moses and his pet galf, Giet. Senel attempts to attack Moses out of anger, but before he can hit him, a trap door below opens, causing him to fall to the basement levels of the bandit affair. When Senel awakens, he attempts to find a way back up, and further on, bumps into Chloe Valens from the Misty Mountains. She and Senel then begin to argue, but Senel hears a noise and grabs Chloe to hush her. The fear that it might be one of Moses's bandits is cut short when it is revealed to be Will, and he begins to tease the two when he sees them holding onto each other. The three then resolve to make their way back up to the main levels of the lair.

Back on the surface of the lair, Will and Senel fully introduce themselves to Chloe and decide to work together. Meanwhile, Moses asks Shirley for her Sacred Eres, but she tells him she does not know what he wants, prompting Moses to leave until she decides to talk. When Senel and the rest of the group arrive at Moses's and Shirley's rooms, Senel begins pounding on the door to Shirley's room, but his attempts prove futile. When the group arrives in Moses's room, he offers them the key if they are able to defeat him, forcing the group into a fight. After defeating Moses, the group is informed by Csaba Rajk that the lair is being attacked by Melanie, and suddenly, a scream echoes from Shirley's room. When the group rushes to investigate, they witness Shirley being kidnapped by Walter Delques, leaving the group no choice as they pursue him to the Crystal Forest.

Character Quests[]

The group returns to the Bandits' Lair in the final part of Moses's Character Quest, after learning from Jay that Giet had headed there. When the group arrives, Moses tells them that, if anything goes wrong, he will kill Giet. However, the others resolve to find a way not to kill Giet, consoling Moses. In Moses's room, the group finds Giet, who returns to his rabid state and, through the advent of the black mist, summons "Dark Moses" to fight the group. After being defeating by his master, Giet is willing to be killed, but Moses cleanses Giet of the black mist with his Sacred Eres. The group then decides to take Giet to the Quiet Lands, where he can roam free.